Friday, December 22, 2006

Jimmy Carter: A retrospective.

Some years ago I watched Jimmy Carter on an interview on Charlie Rose. I was moved to gush on a forum I wrote on, then, that he probably was the finest human being ever to be President. With the publishing of his new book and reading some critique and news around it, I am tempted to repudiate that view.
But I wont.. though I now believe the man is unfit to ever hold public office; unfit then, unfit now!

If I had to write a one-line view of Jimmy Carter, it is:

Jimmy Carter: Always ready and willing to give away that which is not his.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lamar Hunt: The Measure of a Man

This isnt going to be a lengthy thribute to Mr Hunt. There are, at the same time, many and not nearly enough personal testimonials available by Google.

All I can add is that all those players and reporters from Football, Soccer and Tennis realms are exactly right.

How do I know? Because I spoke to him for about thirty seconds, and that's all it took to find out about Lamar Hunt. When I spoke, he paid attention, shook my hand and focussed on me and what I had to say.

And imagine how many times that happened to him every day

Thursday, December 14, 2006

'Breaking News:' Circumcision and STD's!

Forbes: Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates, U.S. Studies Confirm

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 13 (HealthDay News) -- U.S. researchers in Africa said Wednesday that they found that circumcision is such a good defense against HIV infection that they shut down two studies early, and instead offered all participants a chance to be circumcised.

Altogether, now...


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Muslim speaks out! Here's what we need more of..

From a Muslim outlook, imams have missed the point on flight behavior

The first thing one must understand about this whole hullabaloo with the Muslim imams taken off a Phoenix-bound plane in Minneapolis is that it most definitely was not about the right to prayer or freedom of worship.
.... it is certainly not about victimization.

But let us look at the response of the imams since the incident.

They rushed toward the media never looking back. They have taken their story of victimization to every soft media they could find. They then stoked the same tired Muslim flames of victimization through their own political pulpits in mosques around the Valley.

Organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim American Society also immediately jumped on board, even before the imams' flight reached Phoenix the next day, and began whipping up the drums of victimization.
As a devout Muslim, I have watched this painfully protracted saga unravel, fearing what comes next. The media, especially print media, have bent over backward to hear minorities' fears.
Yet public opinion has not seemed to budge in favor of the imams. The lesson here lies in why. It has to do with credibility.

Yes... exactly, the good doctor sees what we all see. It's all about acting out, then crying victim!

Because these imams and their handlers just don't get it, it's time we Muslims found leadership and organizations that do.

Our predicament is unique, fragile and precarious. We Muslims are a relatively new minority in a nation that gives us freedoms that no other Muslim nation would allow.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, a radical subset of our faith community is seeking to destroy the basis for this liberty.

Either we predominantly direct our passions against these radicals or Americans will not count us as allies in this consuming struggle.

God bless and protect you, doc!

Keep trying to get that message out.

Monday, November 27, 2006

An easy path to a BCS playoff?

As things are turning out, it looks like the BCS National Championship game will pit the two concensus top teams.. as long as USC doesnt stumble under the hooves of a Trojan Horse.

But there will still be whining and moaning, particularly from SEC teams fans.

Can we all agree that any of the top 5 teams might deserve the crown?

Can we all agree that any SEC team (for example purposes) that cant make the top five rankings DOESNT deserve a shot?

Good.. most of you get it. For the rest of you, maybe it's the SEC that should adjust.

Now, can we agree that the BCS ranking processes legitimize in-season games and preclude both scheduling of outright patsies and looking too far forward to bigger games? By that statement I refer to computer rankings which have some pretty sophisticated algorithms to rank based on strength of schedule down three or four levels.

So..IF we must have a playoff, then I suggest we do it as a modification of the current system.

Top 5 BCS qualify for the national championship.

#1 automatically in the NC game. This is NOT a free pass! It's a reward for being top of national rankings.

2 plays 5
3 plays 4
ALL at neutral sites at least 100 miles from home stadium; winners play a semi-final in New Years Bowl Games (alloted as current system does)

NC game a week later, as it is now.

If BCS takes the end-of-season #1 as automatic qualifier, that means you cant just schedule patsies and go to the playoffs. And means the season will be played to win each and every game.

Some are, strangely, moaning that too much is made of computer rankings but they will also complain that the 'big schools' get too many votes.
I humbly remind them of the two 'humans' voting WVU as #1 for several weeks running.
We all knew, at least I did, that was idiocy. And it has proven to be idiocy. But I dont think the computers ranked them #1, did they!

I have gotten over the 'Hate Notre Dame' syndrome specifically because of introduction of computer rankings. It wasnt that I just hated them... I hated them because, watching their games, I felt they were highly overrated.

The reason I came up with that playoff scenario is that it would require the least reorganization of the bowl system and guarantee a clearly able top 5 contender a real shot at the national championship.

I dont see how anyone could mind doing away with conference championship games but I dont think my system would necessitate that; it's up to the schools, as it should be.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The gospel of Tony Hendra

How to become a serious HuffPost contributor:

Attend Cambridge to understand world and how it really works

Become intellectual by consorting with Cleese and other Monty Python originals

Somehow, while writing on the New York scene'; become 'saved'*

Write a book about it: Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul

Have your daughter claim you sexually molested her as a child, and of course deny it. Of course that might be because, as you admitted, you ignored your family 'in order to screw as many hippie chicks as possible'.

*Or ... maybe you WEREN'T actually 'saved'....

A Christian might harbor dark thoughts about an 'enemy' .. might even wish him dead... surely, though, he wouldnt repeatedly invoke God in a prayer wishing him dead.

Any more than he would ask God to help him get in his neighbor's wife's pants. But, somehow, that wouldnt surprise me, either.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ohio State - Michigan: No Rematch, Please!

It has turned out as I said.. or feared; Michigan a 3 point loser in Columbus, which may result in them ending up ranked as #2 at the end of the season.

Mike Hart of Michigan said after the game that he wanted a rematch and that it would turn out differently on 'neutral turf'.

It very well might... the problem with that idea, though, is that the National Championship game is being played in the home of the Fiesta Bowl. And if you think that is 'neutral ground' you havent been paying attention the last few years.
It might as well be Paul Brown Stadium. Guarantee Buckeye fans already have scooped up most of the hotel accomodations; and to locals who are interested, the Buckeyes are probably their second team.

There's lots of opinion in the press, including the Detroit papers, against a rematch, and I think they are right. It would cheapen the unique BCS process which I'm beginning to like more and more {obviously dont know if I'd feel the same if the Buck's lost, but I think I would}.

And if OSU plays someone else and beats them soundly, and Michigan trounces whoever they play in the Rose Bowl, that will do more to establish who is really king on the hill than if they played each other.

Unless you want to see the Buckeyes REALLY paste the Wolverines.. which I dont. One of the unique characteristics of college football fandom, which makes it fun is the illusion that 'your team' might have won the big National Championship game, "IF ONLY....".
Well, I'd like to bash the illusions out of the minds of some of them... and, for that, there's be nothing better than if OSU pounded Notre Dame into dust and Michigan pushed USC into the Pacific.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The "Godfather Dems" of our times..

Reading back-posts on Gateway Pundit on how we keep getting fooled it occurred to me that Jimmy Carter is a very dangerous man.
The mullahs have fooled Jimmy Carter and other democrats before and they are fooling them again now says Zucker. Hasn't Carter done enough in creating militant Islam? When is the left ever going to learn? Why do we have to pay for their ignorance and cluelessness?

Read it all... it also explains how Carter gummed the works with North Korea.

And it struck me...

If Al Gore invented the Internet, didnt Jimmy Carter 'invent' international terror by weapons of mass destruction and Islamic Terrorism?

Of course, Gore didnt REALLY invent websurfing and such, I doubt he even thought of it; he was pushing a national supercomputer consortium in which net connectivity was vital.. and Carter didnt intend for things to turn out as they have when he gave up tokens, as a gesture of good will, with both Iran and North Korea.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The 2007 US Congress.. what we can look for? More of the same!

Forget Pelosi's blathering on "Culture of Corruption" ... for House Majority Leader she's nominating John Murtha who has never passed up a piece of pork, and brags about it, or stopped looking for the big under-the-table payoff... so much so that he's under the constant eye of the fed's.
Looks like another issue where Progressives and Conservatives can be on the same page.
Ed Morrisey has more
Who, among the literally one or two readers here, thinks it's bad enough that Murtha will chair the Appropriations Committee?

But, - in some ways, even worse - Republicans in the House are installing the same old regime in Leadership positions... forgetting in record time WHY they were voted out of the Majority.
Not that Boehner, etc; are as corrupt as Murtha but conservative voters meant to send a message... they made it loud and clear... and the survivors seem to have learned nothing.

So the 'accomodations' between the Bush Administration who are NOT really looking to reduce government spending, and the 'old guard' who still think their constituents are just 'not well informed of Realpolitik will do nothing to satisfy the desires of the American People.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dark -but fitting - Thoughts on Armistice Day.

I don't want to soil the memories, all too little celebrated these days, of the heros of WW I, which heros should be honored without rancor to anyone..

But this is also a good time to reflect on the far-reaching effects of selfish national interests on the world we live in.

My point is that France should forever be banished from any influence in international politics.

It was the terms of the Armistice, which were largely dictated by France, that led to WW II; France was mostly interested in making sure that Germany was destroyed economically and humbled to the point of a third world nation.

Unfortunately the allies went along with this. And that selfish, over-punitive effort gave rise to Hitler's Nazi's.

Later... it was France's bumbling, 19th century, short-sighted defense program that allowed Germany to practically walk into France and hand power to the Vichy government, which didnt resist sending Jews to the east in cattle cars.

Then there is France in Algeria..
Then there is France in Indo-China: when they got humilated at Dienbienphu, militarily and strategically, they came to the US with their hat in hand and asked us to take over for them in Viet Nam.
After which, they got chummy with their former enemy Ho Chi Minh.. and their intelligentsia did everything possible to see us defeated.
- why was that?
Because France HATES to see anyone succeed where they have failed, and that says it all!

And recently, of course..their underhanded ass-buddy relationship with Saddam and the Oil for Blood deals Chirac and his cronies made with him, under the auspices of the equally corrupt UN.

And now when France is failing in 'uniting Europe' in their mold. And has not a clue of how to fix their ridiculous situation in which they are not only fostering Youth/Muslim riots by their parochial and biased social/employment programs, but ALSO building resentment and breeding neo-nazi 'strike-back' feelings. I find they (as a country... I will never disparage the courage of individual French, which has been proven time and again) are showing their true grit... NONE!

No... I'm sorry, but once again the thoughts on Armistice Day, leave me wondering just how many times the English speaking countries will have to, AGAIN, shed their soldiers' blood to bail these idiots out.

Yes, unfortunately, French IS still the language of world diplomacy:

Je me rends. Queest-ce que je peux te donner?

Google translation for: I surrender! What can I give you?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election 2006: A Conservative Loss/Win by Pettyfog the optimist

Here's what I see happening:

Dems gain control of the House, GOP hangs onto Senate by a pinky-nail.

Good thing: Dewine gets his just desserts, out of our lives forever.. and hopefully stays the hell away from 'K Street'.

Good Thing: Michael Steele, one of Esquire Magazine's 'GOP Lawnjockeys" gets elected in Maryland because Black Voters FINALLY get fed up with Dem Carpetbaggers.

Good thing: John Kasich comes out of hibernation in Ohio to lead a REAL Conservative GOP makeover instead of 'old line' RINO republicans like Taft.

Good thing: I THINK the Dems are gonna have to put their money where their mouth is... they will do exactly as they {and Republicans} have in the past, once they sober up.... and ignore those whose votes got them over the top. And even when they DONT act like they have some brains, I REALLY get to have some fun!
KosKidz will be furious and ranting at them for just about everything... but hey... I can live with that! More fun for me.

Even the bad things can be good... I REALLY WANT Rangel to bring Bush up for impeachment. Because, dear hearts, they aint gonna be able to prove he lied about ANYTHING, as long as his idiot staffers tell the TRUTH, even if the point seems damaging.

Because, by then... all the original points Bush made will be provable.

They already have been... but YOU GUYS havent read about it.. wonder why?!!

Hell, even the Libby case is gonna be dropped AFTER the election. I'm gonna have FUN with that, too... just as I am with the Texas case against Delay, hopefully Dumbass Tom Delay 'stays the course' and insists on going to trial against Ronnie Earle.

Heh.. like I say, I'm just a cockeyed optimist who likes to have fun.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

NFL: When is the "Terrell Owens bye-week"?!!!!

I don't think any more need be said.

Update: Thank you, Tony Romo and 'football gods'!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Battle of Ohio; not much joy for real Bengals fans

Winning is one thing, proving superiority and getting bragging rights at the bar or water cooler for a few weeks is good. But, for us old time Bengals fans, beating the Browns just isnt what it used to be.

Not to mention the injuries some key players got in the game, the result is much like winning a fight with your brother or one of your buddies.

It's just not anywhere as good as beating 'Modell's Team' anymore. Because REAL Bengals fans consider themselves and the Bengals as Paul Brown's legacy to Ohio.
Browns fans for decades deluded themselves with their mighty legacy.. but it was only a matter of time until Art Modell did to them what he had done to Paul Brown in the early sixties. Some of them actually derided Brown as spiteful and trying to make a replica of the Browns.
For me it was HIGHLY satisfying when Modell scuttled off to Baltimore. While I commiserated with Browns fans who really understood the meaning of it, The emblems the name, the impact and identification is nothing without the WHOLE of the Browns Legacy and they were tainted as long as Modell had anything to do with the team.

Now that the Browns logo and mystique no longer has anything to do with Modell, the reason to despise Brown fans isnt there anymore; especially since they are suffering through what we did all those empty years that Mike Brown didnt understand what his Dad learned in the few years after he gave up the coaching role.
Which was you cant micromanage your team. See... you tout the accomplishments of the great man, but also see where he was lacking, and Mike didnt get it, until four years ago.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Browns dont have that problem with Lerner, but I think as a GM Randy is still learning. It'll come but they are going to have to get over the concept of bringing in 'local boys' as key team leaders.
I think Charlie Frye will be a good QB..but the Browns are going to have to learn to bring in people who dont know a damn thing about Cleveland and make them adopt the city, not the other way around.

Cincinnati, amazingly, has done that very well. All you have to do is look at the numbers of Bengals greats who'd never been there until they arrived at training camp, and live in and/or love the team and city long after they retire.
- - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - -
Which gets around to what it is to be a Bengals fan.... our pride of legacy is STILL centered around Paul Brown and the sense of community around the team. Which we old timers see as born in Cleveland.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Columbus @ Austin [R]

Ended up pretty much a Buckeye fan's dream..

Actually that subject title is an attempt at humor... but I think it points something out... that Columbus sure doesnt need the NFL, and .. probably.. despite some pride in past Cowboys' performances.. Austin -and more than half of Texas- doesnt either.

And.. though it is STILL early (these things take decades), the Buckeyes have illustrated that their new age has dawned. And the reason is Jim Tressel.

Despite Ol Woody's best attempts the Buckeyes never really made their rep past "Big Ten Powerhouse" category... yeah they won the odd 'Big Game' but in showcase national games' they were as likely to disappoint as to shine.

The Tressel Era is changing that. As a head coach, he seems to have a knack for getting in staff that knows how to build a team out of the best available resources, then get them prepared for the BIG GAME... something that Earle Bruce and John Cooper, looking back and thinking "What would Woody do?" could not.

Exammple: Tressel letting Troy Smith cut loose and continue to press on passing, while in the lead.
Woody, and Bruce/Cooper following him, would have gone to 'ball possession.. the old 'three yards and coud of dust'.

Here's something Ironic for you... I never liked Woody all that much.

Now those of you who KNOW Woody's mentality and his rep as a military historian might find that odd.. as I'm a balls-to-the-wall conservative.

Well, it aint so odd...
Tressel inspires and encourages each player to his best, Woody damn well ORDERED it. And took it personally when his player didnt live up to his standards. Yeah, Woody would have thundered "You let down the team, son!" but he REALLY meant, "You let ME down!"
Tressel's guys understand him to mean exactly that they're playing for the team.
Note Smith's aftergame comments; note the team singing in front of the band and fans' section after the game.

The ideal occurs when each person sees the benefit in going that extra bit to ensure success in his endeavors, but only those which benefit the group he's working with.

Now, ironically, it's my view that Woody would have known how to handle Maurice Clarett... while Tressel probably came back to Columbus from Tempe in '02 knowing that Clarett was going to be BIG trouble.

The difference; sometimes you have to cut them loose.

Something most who've followed Terrel Owen's career understand... unfortunately unlike Owens, we dont seem to be able to get the schmuck out of Columbus.

But he's reflecting less and less on Tressel and more and more on the likes of racist thug-apologists such as Jim Brown.

And such is the mentality, patience, and skill, of Jim Tressel.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Proportional Response and more drivel from the informed left

Listen to any Conservative talk show that lets Liberals on the air and lately you'll hear Israel blamed for not using 'Proportional Response' to Hezbollah's actual and remote control incursions into Israel.

I occasionally let myself get fooled into listening to Sean Hannity {no link because there's nothing of substance available on his site for free}, and there it is again:

"It's all Israel's fault!" "Israel is killing Innocent Civilians!" "Hezbollah isnt killing many with those rockets, Israel shouldnt be more precise."

Of course Hannity then launches into one of his core mantras... while ignoring a chance to actually make a point with the schmuck of the hour.

He might have asked why, every time Israel gives a concession, Hamas or the Islamo Fascist party in question uses that to gain ground for more attacks on 'Innocent Civilians' on the other side. He might have asked why the UN 'peacekeepers were unarmed in the first place.. since the area they were watching was once occupied by Israel and Christian Militias.

He might have asked why the left criticized Israel for the wall.. wasnt THAT a reasonable response? No, instead it was criticized by many of the same... for keeping Palestinians from their jobs on the Israeli side.
And the PA would get all huffy when Israel responded to some markey suicide bomber by blowing a PLO officer's car or HQ site into smithereens.

He might have asked why Hez set up rockets right at the UN sites... and why nothing was done about it.

Just more examples of the Liberal self-destructive mind... the Left is so bereft of ideas and lacking in understanding of a 'foreign culture' they will avoid criticizing it and focus on that they think they do understand. Thus, it's always OUR fault or Israel's fault.

Parse that out... and you see the true view: Elitist Bigotry of the type that studies primitive cultures like amoebae in a petri dish... detached and fascinated, while staying uninvolved in anything that might upset the show.

Since they dont actually recognize the existence of 'evil', they instead see it as an aberration that can be dealt with once we 'gain understanding' of it.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

World Cup Football: USA Soccer job made to order for Klinsmann!!!

Even Deutsche-Welle thinks so:

There are plenty of reasons for Germany's Jürgen Klinsmann to head for the rumored coaching job waiting for him in the United States, and the coincidence that he lives there isn't the biggest one of them.

Congratulations to Jürgen Klinsmann, the man who literally brought a smile back to Germany, for taking a break to talk with his family before deciding on his next job.

He's earned the time with his wife and two children, and hopefully they'll be able to convince him to hand in his Lufthansa frequent flier card and stay at home in California after a grueling World Cup and two-year tug-of-war over everything from his coaching methods to the choice of the team's hotel.
Near anonymity for the whole family is a major drawing point for the soft-spoken coach. While Klinsmann would be under the critical eyes of Germany's 82 million remote control coaches, the US Soccer Federation would be hard pressed to find half that number of Americans who can name the current coach -- and he's been there for eight years.

It's hard for us to imagine the difference in profile Klinsmann and his family would carry into the public.
Everyone in 'football crazed' Europe knows Klinsmann by sight, and the sports reporters would be hanging on him and his family trying to dig out any bit of news positive or negative....while even coming across Tommy LaSorda in his high profile days with the Dodgers wouldnt necessarily raise much of a fuss.

So even if Klinsmann raised US soccer's profile ten-fold, the public and paparazzi nuisance would still be nothing compared to what he gets now in Germany.

So it's a win-win for both Klinsmann and US Soccer. He gets to stay and work around home, traveling the least of most any national team coach, and he gets to keep his private life relatively private while making over 1.5 million for his efforts... which work-hours are GENERALLY less intrusive than if he coached a club team.

We can hope.. and let's keep our fingers crossed that he does the right thing for the sport he loves.
Big Dig Boondoggle turns tragic..

Most of us midwesterners only know about the Boston Big Dig from the political related articles on it for the last ten years. There were huge cost overruns and charges of crony-ism and rumors of kickbacks.

Well, most of us old-timers know that where there's smoke there's fire.. and the 'Big Dog-gle' has bit everyone associated with it. And some who were just using it.
“The fact that this actually failed is extremely troubling,” said U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, adding that federal guidelines require that such suspension systems be able to carry eight times the load being supported.
“ The collapse of the ceiling, which killed 38-year-old Milena Del Valle of Jamaica Plain, was caused when a 3-ton ceiling slab gave way and caused three adjacent slabs to buckle and crash to the roadway with it, officials said.

Obviously, there was a failure in either quality control, design or construction,” he added. “We cannot allow people to go back in these tunnels until we know they’re safe.”
Big Dig boss Matt Amorello said engineering consultants, along with state and federal inspectors, are reviewing the project’s entire infrastructure. He also said Massachusetts Turnpike officials are examining their own records to determine whether concrete ceiling panels and the steel tiebacks holding them in place were stress-tested before being installed.

Boston Herald.. more

It's all well and good to review the 'tieback' system, and whether they were adequately tested...but we can pretty well guess what the findings will be.

The tunnels will be either partially or completly shut down for another 18 months while 'corrections' are made.

But there's a bigger issue or question:
Who the hell designed this thing!!!! I'm not a structural engineer but to install what is essentially a suspended CONCRETE SLAB ceiling seems to me the height of stupidity.
Didnt these guys ever study Roman viaduct design... and wouldnt they understand the significance of the architectural ARCH?!!! Note, in fact, the root of the term 'architecture'!

Tiebacks as I understand them serve as a back-up to structural self-support, and would keep a primary structural failure limited in effect.
Depending on the location and purpose of this 'tieback' system, the early take seems to make them NOT tiebacks but 'anchor bolts', which is a whole different thing.

I'm betting that the BIG review of the project will point not only to substandard materials and construction methods but basic design flaws, as well.

Which, of course, is to be expected when those doing big public projects are too cozy with an entrenched political machine. Which is nothing new and it's certainly not the first time it's happened. But it will certainly end up being the most expensive corrupted public works project, ever.

Friday, June 30, 2006

On Olbermann, Seinfeld and Liberal humor..

Clark Baker
has an excellent incisive piece on a recent minor brouhaha between the obtuse ex-sport analyst turned Lib Cynic-shill.

ex-Liberal in Hollywood: On Humor & Fascism

The incident is reported and drilled into and the telling point, regarding Olbermann and his fellow travelers, is this quote from George Orwell:

Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me’. The idea that you can somehow remain aloof from and superior to the struggle, while living on food which British sailors have to risk their lives to bring you, is a bourgeois illusion bred of money and security…

What I object to is the intellectual cowardice of people who are objectively and to some extent emotionally pro-Fascist, but who don’t care to say so and take refuge behind the formula ‘I am just as anti-fascist as anyone, but—’. The result of this is that so-called peace propaganda is just as dishonest and intellectually disgusting as war propaganda.

To which Baker adds:
Although Olbermann thinks he confronted hate, he actually attacked Americans who have good reason to question his patriotism. I wasn’t privy to the email exchange, but those who subordinate their country and servicemen for envy or greed (ratings) probably lacks spiritual values as well.

The other point leading to the topic of this post really made sense to me.

Seinfeld was watched and enjoyed by millions but you will all remember the dichotomy exposed on the LAST Episode.
Evidently most of his viewers were shocked at it... because they saw something that differed with their impression of the back-story of the entire series.

I was shocked, too.. but only in that all the self-absorbed numbnuts ditziness had come home to roost on the main characters. Which obviously you wouldnt expect from a n obstensible Liberal creative type.

But then Larry David, even in his most current effort is the world's best caricature of what most think a Lib is really all about.

Friday, June 23, 2006

US World Cup Team: Time to move on

I'm sure that most of us soccer fans were disappointed to see the US fail to make it out of their group in Germany; though most of us werent surprised at it. The US team drew into one of, if not the, most difficult groups in the opening round.

But the real disappointment comes at the rather unspectacular end to so many bright though not brilliant careers on the team.

Brian McBride wont be back, Claudio Reyna wont. Eddie Pope and anyone else selected for the 1998 team likewise. Surely after the 2002 performance we'd hoped to see the team improve on their steadying and gritty influence.

One we cannot say that about is Landon Donovan... though if his performance is any indicator of our future fortunes, we have cause for dismay.
Donovan easily took on the role of face of the US team from McBride since '02; yet it is now McBride, again, who personifies the team.

Bruce Arena has to share some of the blame for this, the US having only 4 shots on goal in three games being the result of his conservative tactics. But he had little to work with..only Eddie Johnson had any real goal-scoring success in the qualifying run-up.
Let's face it.. we dont have much to choose from and banking on Freddy Adu to pull us out of the swamp is a little much. But, right now he, along with Johnson, is all we have.

So, I'm thinking that the entire team needs to be scuttled and remade. Anyone who was on the 02 team needs to be told that they will have to actually work HARDER to make the team than a newcomer would.

If for no other reason than to send a message to Landon Donovan.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Al Quaeda in the West..

A collection of misfits, fascists, Religious nuts, sociopaths and self-disenfranchised:
There may be enough hate lying around in the West to forge committed Jihadis even in say, Marin County, feats which previously required training camps in places like Afghanistan. Gates of Vienna and the Politics of CP have reported on the possible presence of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra in rural Virginia. And as the Spectator notes "My, terrorists do seem to have a strong affinity for Western universities."
"The suspect is a 24-year-old man, a 2000 graduate of Mount Hebron High School in Howard County and a 2005 graduate of Loyola College, where he majored in biology. Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar's family home is a house valued at more than $1 million in one of Baltimore County's most affluent neighborhoods. ... Jabbar's address is in Anton North, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Baltimore County, with million-dollar mansions hidden by trees and at the end of long, twisting driveways. A list of residents includes such Baltimore business names as Frankel and Luskin, and former Blue Cross/Blue Shield Chief Executive William L. Jews."

- The Belmont Club: Read it all, including comments

The perfect storm will succeed sooner or later, if they run out of Islamiscists they can always recruit from Kos commenters.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Falling on the tracks

For years I posted and argued on the politics forum of a soccer site. It was fun for a while, then became more and more tedious as I kept having to knock down strawmen in the form of what Limbaugh calls "Drive-by" cliches; those old saws like "Where are the WMD" and "Bush Lied, Children died."

And THEN I get treated to my own party preferring to preserve their power and seats rather than stand up for any principle of conservative thought. Especially guys like Ted Stevens and Dennis Hastert..meaning they will be conservative to get elected, then they will be 'quasi-Byrd-democrats'to KEEP getting elected.

Well, screw it! Arguing with other civilians doesnt work... and the reason it doesnt work is those guys USUALLY are trying to salvage their own belief systems and world view. It's called denial.. obviously.. and no amount of evidence or fact will deter them. Not until the obvious is surrounding and about to drown them.

So I think I'll just come back to this anonymous, unseen, unread, space to distill and write down what I think. I get about two hits a day and that's alright.

Since I read a lot of middle-right wing blogs, and sure cant beat them in either content or point of view. So I guess I'm going to have to find some way of sifting the odd nugget here and there.
Eh we'll see.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What the Hell.. Complete VA database in some guy's HOUSE?

In the biggest idiocy of many involving federal bureaucracy, some VA 'data analyst' took home a full copy of a Veteran database to work on a project. His house was burgled.. and, yep, one of the things burglars go for first is the computer.

This means ALL of some 26 million veterans are now in risk of identity theft.

This guy should not only be fired, he and his supervisor should be brought up on charges of criminal negligence.

For some of you who dont understand the seriousness of this, this is the largest personal information security breach.. EVER!! At least that we know of.

If the burglars were pro's and not just opportunists... then they will know what they have is worth close to a million bucks in value. And there will be few traces of their comings and goings... unlike a hacking-into situation.

If the burglars are stupid, they WONT ditch all the loot, they'll try to sell it and may be caught... but if the other stuff all lands in a river after they copy the info onto a DVD, lots of folks are in for a rough time with their finances for YEARS.

I worked with test databases that were lot less valuable, but I ALWAYS did something that made them inert, such as scrambling the related data... and that is relatively easy to do.

Sometimes I wish I had gone through a pre-frontal lobotomy and worked as a Guvmint Emplodee!

Monday, May 01, 2006

While Illegals take a dump on our porch..

..meantime, back home, Mexican police are shooting striking miners who occupied company offices to protest inaction to remedy unsafe mine conditions.
- link is to Boing Boing

Please bear in mind that many of the Mexicans marching today want to 'take back' the US southwest. That would be interesting... in little more than a few decades under Mexican 'rule' it would probably turn into the just the same kind of shithole they came here to ecscape from.

I admire the courage of the Mexicans who come here to work, but wouldnt it be better if they challenged their own corrupt third world government to improve conditions at home instead of begging and stealing from their neighbors?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New political semantics...

Given Bush clueless recent Dubai Ports fiasco... and the fact that the Dem's are still trying to work out a 'slogan' and cant get it right, let alone what it is they actually believe in...

Let's think about the fact that, if our local and state politicos are our 'elected officials'... then our national figures must be out Elected Super-ficials!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

If Progressives like Darwinism as social theory..

.. Then why dont they believe it applies to humans?

Answer: They do, they just pretend it doesn't so as not to offend.

Just yer average 'Thought of the Day'.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush Lied, Bush Lied, Bush Lied, Bush Lied!!!!

Yet more 'Bash-bush' from the media, this time by releasing incomplete transcripts and video's on the Katrina response.. now that enough time has gone by, the left is even casting Michael Brown as the 'scapegoat'.
That they parse it down to the fine edge by using Bush's rather lame: "No one could have predicted the levees would be breached." statement shows how desperate the left is to gain some purchase and show themselves in a relatively good light.

And in the Lefty blogs, the shouting for "Impeach Bush" will continue from now till 2008... it doesnt matter what the issue is, "He lied! Impeach him!" will be shouted over and over.

But it wont happen.. not unless Bush does something incredibly more stupid than even the ports deal.

And we know why. Because any impeachment on any of the issues they have whined about to this day will backfire on them and open testimony, under oath, will show the Democrats and Left for what they are... and they will finally have cut their own throats.

If I HAVE to point it out for you, you wouldnt understand anyway.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As the Lights go out, slowly, in Europe...

We see that some there are beginning to wake up to the chaos they have created, by dint of their social activism, over the last generation.
We should fear Holland’s silence
Holland — with its disproportionately high Muslim population — is the canary in the mine. Its once open society is closing, and Europe is closing slowly behind it. It looks, from Holland, like the twilight of liberalism — not the “liberalism” that is actually libertarianism, but the liberalism that is freedom. Not least freedom of expression.

All across Europe, debate on Islam is being stopped. Italy’s greatest living writer, Oriana Fallaci, soon comes up for trial in her home country, and in Britain the government seems intent on pushing through laws that would make truths about Islam and the conduct of its followers impossible to voice.
Europe is shuffling into darkness. It is proving incapable of standing up to its enemies, and in an effort to accommodate the peripheral rights of a minority is failing to protect the most basic rights of its own people.

The governments of Europe have been tricked into believing that criticism of a belief is the same thing as criticism of a race. And so it is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to criticise a growing and powerful ideology within our midst. It may soon, in addition, be made illegal.
As I left the Netherlands I once again felt terrible sorrow for a country that is slowly being lost. A society which should be carefree and inspiring has become dark and worried. The jihad in Europe is winning. And Holland, and our continent, takes one step further into a dark and menacing future.

It is the Liberals who have done this... and the Liberals who will cave in to self-muting, by way of fear. Sure, there are many in the 'progressive' camps who will finally stand up and fight the fascism of the Imams. But they will arrive at the party, late. Probably because they want to get all the use they can out of their "Hate-Speech" picket signs directed at their own governments.

How much blood will flow from their naive puristic idealism? We dont know.. but it definitely will be of 'biblical proportions'. And all we have to do is steel ourselves and read Revelations to see it coming.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Gore, Kerry and Dean..

Quick... what do they all have in common?

They all want the ear of Billy Joe Bob, the 'bubba'... Difference being the political ones only want him come election time. At which time they will talk down to him and think they're getting somewhere.

As in Kerry's "Kin I git me a huntin' License, here?" when he went photo-op hunting in Ohio in 2004.

They think the gum chewing, pick'em'up drivin', gun totin' yahoo's of the heartland dont understand nuance.
Well, they do... and the nuance they understand is "Someone wants to kill us..". And they ALSO understand when they are being made fun of.

Which they consider okay... if it's Larry or Jeff doing it... because they do it as one of them. But the hysterical Gore and Kerry and Kennedy bashing the guy they see as 'sorta one of us.. cuz he dont speak so good.." leaves 'em cold. And they might not even remember it until election time.

But then, when they try to figure out who to vote for and what matters most, that old common sense nuance is going to come back to them.

The latest histrionics on Cheney's hunting hilarity is gonna leave 'em cold, too. They'll laugh at Cheney and make fun of the incident but when it comes down to it, they've all been there, or close to it. And the more the beltway idjits harp on it, the better for Cheney.

And they'd vote for Larry or Foxworthy for Pres before they'd vote for those pitiful Eastern Dem elitists.

It would be even funnier if the Libs weren't so pathetic.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers take it all!

I am so good! All the joy of the NFL season, as a Bengals fan, turned to dust for me on the second play of the first Cincinnati possession in the first playoff game they'd had in 15 miserable years.

For those of you who don't know the particulars... a Steeler defender was blocked down as he went for Carson Palmer, and Palmer went out with ACL and MCL tears. Our season was done.

Oh, Kitna is a good backup... perhaps, the best in the NFL.. but Carson is our GUY! And Kitna was rusty. Maybe, in looking back, it would have been better if the coaches had pretended it was nothing serious and that Carson might be able to come back in.. but, in reality, all the air went out of the Bengals' balloon in the second half. Well, we can't have a do-over on that. Life as a fan sux sometimes.

But after the Steelers took out the Colts, surely the best team in the AFC, and Denver beat the Pats, the second best team in the AFC, I began to think there was more afoot than just a team peaking at just the right time; there was a finger of fate in this.

Just as certain as I was that, with Carson at QB, the Bengals would have won that day.

So I picked Steelers to win the SB against Seattle... and posted the same on a fan forum on January 15. A lucky guess? Nope, no doubt in my mind they'd do it, it's just one of those things you KNOW! Now, on that same forum, there's a lot of Browns' fans... and I took stick...they hate the Steelers with a white-hot passion. But I'm a Bengals fan, I have had to be objective or I'd have off'd myself over it... well, not really.

Anyway, as the day of the game came around, I realized the Steelers would win by 10. I didnt know that before but it was clear to me the 4 point spread was at least 4 off.

Heh! So, if I was so certain, why didnt I lay some cash on it? Well, that part is the kicker..I found out some time ago that if I actually stood to gain anything by these 'hunches', they didnt work out. I could only bet my ego on it.

Oh, well.... I had a minister once, who was dead certain God was a football fan. Bet it was mainly so's he'd have an excuse to watch NFL on Sunday instead of doing calls except in emergency. But maybe there's something to it.. maybe Jerome Bettis really HAS been smiled on!

Never mind.. it'll be all that much sweeter next year, when Carson and the Cats eat the Steelers' lunch, both home and away!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You're on notice, OSHA and EPA, that 'new-car smell' is a deadly Plot!

Environmental group contends drivers, passengers are breathing dangerous chemicals found in car interiors; calls for new regs.
NEW YORK ( - A Michigan environmental group is charging that at least part of the so-called "new car smell" is toxic, and that the interior of an automobile has dangerous levels of various chemicals.

The report, "Toxic at any speed," comes from The Ecology Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based group. It reports that PBDEs, used as fire retardants, and phthalates, used primarily to soften PVC plastics, are found in dangerous amounts in dust and windshield film samples.
It called for tougher regulations to phase out the use of the chemicals as well as voluntary moves by the auto manufacturers to stop using the products inside of new vehicles.
. .. .
The report was released Jan. 11 during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but it received little attention outside of Michigan.

Ah... I love this stuff... I want a job as one of these reporters! In fact I want it so much I'm gonna write up the NEXT, follow-up article on it!

Here goes:

Next up....

A Michigan environmental group has issued a study report that claims up to 500,000 people, mostly middle class elderly, die from side-effects of "New Car Smell' each year.

"We have previously reported on the serious effects of chemical outgassing in these new cars... but these unfortunates were set in their ways of buying new if they could afford it." said Dudley Flora-Smith of the Michigan Anti-Plasticizerer and Tea Group society.

"But now they are dead, having paid the price for their materialistic profligacy. We are thinking of asking the ACLU to inquire into the possibility of filing a class-action suit on their estates' behalf"

"But it's not only the elderly that suffer," Flora-Smith continued "Exposing infants and newborn to the acrid atmosphere has its price, as well."

Citing the obvious increase in childhood asthma, he adds that "increased addiction to "foolers" - vinyl or latex nipple substitutes- on the part of infants, and the attraction of teens to 'huffing canned chemicals' also are related.

"The odor of the noxious gasses has its effects on the brain's pleasure centers and sets up susceptibility to various life-long addictions!"

Rumored to be considering joining the effort is the UAW, and the 'National Association of car detailers and dealer wash-boys'. Both on OSHA workplace safety grounds.

However the associated study into whether the inclusion of the odor is an intentional plot by automakers to create an addiction to buying new cars, may result in the former dropping out of the effort.

If that should happen, the Michigan Group intends to appeal to George Soros or, as they imply it might be related, somehow, to a Bush Administration plot to kill off seniors, thus allowing reduction in funding for the recently passed Medicaid Prescription Bill.

Asked for comment on this, Howard Dean, DNC party chair said; "It wouldnt surprise me a bit... we've already uncovered the corrupt GOP plot to victimize poor Indians just trying to scrape up enough money from bingo parlours to fund their own schools, why not MORE tax cuts by killing off the elderly?"

Sen Ted Kennedy concurred in a separate statement: "Not only that, I can tell you that the smell itself clouds judgement, especially when combined with a glass or two of wine at dinner and might result in unforeseen romantic attraction and subsequent driving off a bridge, somewhere."

Sen John Kerry's office said he was awaiting the results of a poll on the subject prior to making a statement.

Neither Jack Abramoff or any of several K Street lobbyist groups returned our calls.

Researchers for this news desk have found that Fidel Castro anticipated this problem years ago, when he instituted his policy of recycling older cars rather than importing newer ones. His mention of that noxious new-car odor in one of his famous 4 hour speeches was previously thought to be 'just filler'!

There doesnt seem to be much in the way of international reaction, otherwise.
Though a UN source, who declined to be identified, said from Secretary General Kofi Annan's office, that " might explain what happened to that luxury car" bought by Annan's son Kojo and billed to the UN.
"Perhaps he was offended by that odor and had it buried somewhere so it wouldnt affect anyone else" the staffer speculated.

Lined up against the suit:
"National Association of Undertakers and Embalmers", who themselves have fallen under the scrutiny of that Michigan group for use of potentially hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

- This just in..the UK Liberal Party, who are writing up laws on how owners must treat and care for their pets are thinking of including a clause that classifies an owner who transport a pet in any auto less than two years old, might be subject to investigation by council 'pet police'.


Pretty good, huh? Huh?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Conspiracy? Rove's useful idiots!

My dad is getting on... he had a lot of ideas and views, when I was young, that started me thinking beyond the box.

But, a few days ago, a side comment about politics and the world situation led him to ask me if I believed in "that theory about 'three guys running the whole world'".

I knew, of course he meant the "Trilateral Commission theory" but I wasnt sure HOW to respond, but some events surely lead you to believe in SOMETHING like that.

The Alito and Roberts' hearings and the decision of John Kerry to try to mount a filibuster 'just on principle' make me wonder.
Appointing Dean as DNC chair, for him to promptly run the finances into near red-ink makes me wonder.

Hell, just letting Kerry open his mouth makes me wonder... never mind he has almost a clean slate of doing nothing in 20 years in the Senate.

Karl Rove couldn't orchestrate it to make Democrats look any more stupid. Or could he?

Hmmm.. have any of YOU ever seen Soros and Rove in the same place, together?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Murtha Method: "Projecting strength through Strategic Retreat!"

The boards of several war colleges are rumored to be lining up Rep Murtha as a guest lecturer.

Already, though, the Rep has seen his strategic views employed yet again by the UN Peacekeeping Force in CongoU.N. Removes Peacekeepers After Slayings.

By ANJAN SUNDARAM, Associated Press Writer Tue Jan 24, 10:30 PM ET

KINSHASA, Congo - The
United Nations pulled its remaining peacekeepers out of the national park where eight Guatemalan peacekeepers were killed in an apparent gunbattle with Ugandan rebels, a U.N. spokesman said Tuesday.

Hans-Jakob Reichen, U.N. military spokesman for eastern Congo, said the peacekeepers were withdrawn because they had completed a two-week mission to clear Garamba National Park of rebel forces. "It was decided to pull peacekeepers out of the park since any suspected rebels had melted into the jungle," Reichen said.

It's expected that a Headquarters session of the council will ask Murtha how to expand on recent recent UN successes, such as that above.
And these...

Of note is the amazing effect UN had in Liberia's recent unrest...
In Liberia, the UN peacekeeping mission, UNMIL, was dispatched in record time to assist in the implementation of a comprehensive peace agreement. Even before UNMIL’s full authorized strength of 15,000 uniformed personnel was reached, the security situation in the country improved dramatically.Violence and ceasefire violations decreased, and UN peacekeepers paved the way for the provision of humanitarian assistance and for the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants.

Of course the stationing of several US Navy ships with contingents of Marines aboard, outside Monrovia's harbor, had nothing to do with it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Cronkite at Pearly Gates Court

Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq

From yer intrepid judgement day reporter on the scene:

Magistrate: "Ah, yes, the famous Mr Cronkhite! We've been waiting for you."

"Lessee what we have here... hmmm.. Personal life, not too bad, for a casual believer, a little excess here and there.. swearing, etc... lust , oh my! You had an active off camera life. Ah, well ... now, influence on others: Oh-oh, Oh my goodness LOOK at the BODY COUNT racked up against YOU!"

Walter: "But.. but.. I never killed ANYONE!"

Magistrate, peering over nose perched reading glasses: "My boy, you're no Hitler or Stalin, for sure... but you are right up there with Attila the Hun in the numbers."

Magistrate reading: "Deaths directly caused by influence of word or event: unnecessary battles - 78,925; Drownings or deaths at sea, civilians escaping oppression - 168,768; Executions or deaths in internment - 56,127....."

Walter, interrupting: "But I'm just a NEWS GUY!"

Magistrate: "Hey...I'm just a judge, here! That's what the book says and it's always proved out."

"Sez here in the border notes, you're the most trusted man in America... didnt you think of that?"

Walter: "Well, sure, but i just offer my opinion.."

Magistrate: "Opinions, like cross words spoken in heat of anger, have consequences, old boy!"

Walter: "But my intentions were good, I meant to save lives..."

Magistrate: "Well, you know what they say about the road to Hell... looks like you're gonna find out, first-hand."

Walter: "Wait.. wait.. don't tell me that Bush actually..."

Magistrate: "Bush.. what's he got to do with it? That's only about your Tet statement."

"Fortunately for you, the only one who's gonna get black marks for cuttin' and runnin' in Iraq, is Bush's daddy. Most people knew you were full of it when you blathered on about Iraq, so you get a pass on that"

Magistrate, to bailiff: "Take this one to the down-elevator waiting room. Next!"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alito, lookback and summary..

Well, It's another case of the Dem's grabbing at straws instead of looking for lifeboats.

Kennedy's carping on CAP made him look even more stupid that he came across in 'Roberts' and now, all the Dems seem to want is to delay the vote until after Dubya's State of the Union.

Maybe they hope for an earthquake jarring open a 'closet' somewhere. The sole criticism remaining is that Alito seems to 'defer to the Executive too much'.

MAybe the key to that is the actual NAMES of the Government branches?!!! It's called the 'Executive' for a reason, dummies! As in "to execute!" or "put into action"!

While the framers put in safeguards against a 'monarchistic' system, they realized that ONE branch had to have the latitude to actually DO SOMETHING, rather than debate about it.
Of course such an idea has become foreign to the Dem concepts of governance. To them, talking about something IS 'action taken'!
All you have to do is read Madam Albright's comments on the Clinton Administration's foreign policy to understand that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Maurice and LeBron... just one small step apart.

They came from the same places, they knew each other. But what a difference in how they ended up.

Both extremely gifted physically, and athletically. Both smart, to go along with it.

Both received extreme national attention. And advice from all quarters in how to deal with their gifts and talents.

Both accused of relatively small transgressions as they progressed into the national spotlight.

Whoever advised LeBron.. more importantly, the advice he TOOK... made the difference!

Note that Jim Brown advised Maurice..... or rather the sum of that advice ENABLED Maurice. Because he ONLY took the part of the Legend's advice that suited him.

Which is: Maurice had to deal with 'the MAN!' And the MAN was out to get him!

LeBron no doubt got the same advice. But hasnt he dealt with it differently?

Now we have Maurice wanted on a warrant for armed robbery, instead of looking forward to a breakout season as a Broncos running back.

And LeBron practically owning the Cav's franchise.
We can't know whether LeBron will finally succumb to the entitlement mentality that humbled the previous HS to Pro phenom, Kobi Bryant... who also started out well, but was brought down by 'the MAN'.

But now we know that Maurice isnt even going to get the chance... because he started out worrying about 'the MAN' rather than getting his own ducks lined up.

Which is a difference of just 'one small step or decision'.

And defines the meaning of the word 'entitlement', to say nothing of the exact identity of 'the MAN'!