Monday, January 14, 2013

The War on Men And Boys Continues Apace..

 Cant believe it took this long for one of my blogs to see this.. I got the joke but what I took from it is based on what I suspect from experience:
- This is the kind of guy who buys a VW, now that SAAB is out of business. 
  But no adult, let alone a guy, throws THAT badly.
Here's the blog which finally noticed:
 Dr Helen: Can Dads do Anything Right?
Check the comments though. They are all over the place. Dumb Dads having been pervasive in TV for decades.
 But it aint just 'white males'.. the current Dumbest Dad on TV is Tyler Perry's 'Curtis Payne'.  IMO Too dumb to be a fireman let alone be Captain. 
Last time I brought that up some liberal white geezer called me a racist.
I told him to tell Perry if he could recognize him without a dress on.
Ooops.. now I'm un-PC on 2 counts.  

Lena Dunham is like 'a Liberal Sarah Palin'

No, Lena Dunham did not call Republicans Nazis, or “This Is Why We Lose.”

Just as Palin's views on just about everything met a landslide of stupid kneejerk reactions from the left, so is just about everything Dunham says, in the press.
The reason stems, of course, from the dumb pro-Obama video she made on 'Women's Issues.'

So instead of putting her in a box of people who dont think deeply enough along with Larry David, whose own pop culture / TV efforts actually make fun of his (and his friends')  intellect, we go all gonzo on someone new to the scene who is self-referential and realizes it.

Dunham, who is famously the daughter of a successful painter of “oversexualized pop art” and a well-known photographer who created “disquieting domestic tableaux” with dolls, repeatedly reiterated that her work is informed by a horrific childhood spent at expensive New York private schools and summer camps, where she struggled to maintain the integrity of her psyche amid the horrors of life as the kid of upper-middle-class urban artists. The whole thing is bizarre and self-fellating. But it’s also self-referential. The joke here isn’t that Donald Glover (who is adorable) is evil. But that Hannah, Dunham’s character, thinks he’s evil and has to handle the internal conflict.
 - read the whole thing!

Yeah... of course what was done was to put other libs' words in her mouth.  But that's about as fair as claiming Palin was the new David Duke.
Now.. I get the idea it's time we started punching back.  
And I'm gonna do it, too.  But think before you let loose that hay-maker roundhouse, or you bloody your own nose.
This reminds me of why I never watch or listen to Hannity. His simpleminded diatribes convince no one who wouldn't be better served by actually READING conservative and libertarian blogs.  Hannity's stuff is 'Conservativism for Kindergartners' and he hasnt made a cogent argument for our side since I can remember.  Probably before Alan Colmes left the show.

UPDATE -from 'the future' Cancel everything I just wrote, because while I thought Dunham must be using some independent reasoning faculties, it's become apparent she has taken the easy road. Becoming the thoughtless shallow minded  Lib everyone thought she was.