Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election 2006: A Conservative Loss/Win by Pettyfog the optimist

Here's what I see happening:

Dems gain control of the House, GOP hangs onto Senate by a pinky-nail.

Good thing: Dewine gets his just desserts, out of our lives forever.. and hopefully stays the hell away from 'K Street'.

Good Thing: Michael Steele, one of Esquire Magazine's 'GOP Lawnjockeys" gets elected in Maryland because Black Voters FINALLY get fed up with Dem Carpetbaggers.

Good thing: John Kasich comes out of hibernation in Ohio to lead a REAL Conservative GOP makeover instead of 'old line' RINO republicans like Taft.

Good thing: I THINK the Dems are gonna have to put their money where their mouth is... they will do exactly as they {and Republicans} have in the past, once they sober up.... and ignore those whose votes got them over the top. And even when they DONT act like they have some brains, I REALLY get to have some fun!
KosKidz will be furious and ranting at them for just about everything... but hey... I can live with that! More fun for me.

Even the bad things can be good... I REALLY WANT Rangel to bring Bush up for impeachment. Because, dear hearts, they aint gonna be able to prove he lied about ANYTHING, as long as his idiot staffers tell the TRUTH, even if the point seems damaging.

Because, by then... all the original points Bush made will be provable.

They already have been... but YOU GUYS havent read about it.. wonder why?!!

Hell, even the Libby case is gonna be dropped AFTER the election. I'm gonna have FUN with that, too... just as I am with the Texas case against Delay, hopefully Dumbass Tom Delay 'stays the course' and insists on going to trial against Ronnie Earle.

Heh.. like I say, I'm just a cockeyed optimist who likes to have fun.


CrewArsenal said...

'Bout time you gave us more of your insight!

HatterDon said...

Fog: How can I "ask you anything ... and then step back" if there's no "question" tab.

Anyhow, here's my completely non-partisan political question:

Is there any seat in the House or Senate, that is held by a Democrat that was won yesterday by a Republican [not just "did a sitting Democrat lose" but was a seat "up for grabs, currently held by a Democrat" won by a Republican."

I'm on the road with only the USA TODAY for reference, and the web sites won't have this info for a couple of days left.