Saturday, July 29, 2006

Proportional Response and more drivel from the informed left

Listen to any Conservative talk show that lets Liberals on the air and lately you'll hear Israel blamed for not using 'Proportional Response' to Hezbollah's actual and remote control incursions into Israel.

I occasionally let myself get fooled into listening to Sean Hannity {no link because there's nothing of substance available on his site for free}, and there it is again:

"It's all Israel's fault!" "Israel is killing Innocent Civilians!" "Hezbollah isnt killing many with those rockets, Israel shouldnt be more precise."

Of course Hannity then launches into one of his core mantras... while ignoring a chance to actually make a point with the schmuck of the hour.

He might have asked why, every time Israel gives a concession, Hamas or the Islamo Fascist party in question uses that to gain ground for more attacks on 'Innocent Civilians' on the other side. He might have asked why the UN 'peacekeepers were unarmed in the first place.. since the area they were watching was once occupied by Israel and Christian Militias.

He might have asked why the left criticized Israel for the wall.. wasnt THAT a reasonable response? No, instead it was criticized by many of the same... for keeping Palestinians from their jobs on the Israeli side.
And the PA would get all huffy when Israel responded to some markey suicide bomber by blowing a PLO officer's car or HQ site into smithereens.

He might have asked why Hez set up rockets right at the UN sites... and why nothing was done about it.

Just more examples of the Liberal self-destructive mind... the Left is so bereft of ideas and lacking in understanding of a 'foreign culture' they will avoid criticizing it and focus on that they think they do understand. Thus, it's always OUR fault or Israel's fault.

Parse that out... and you see the true view: Elitist Bigotry of the type that studies primitive cultures like amoebae in a petri dish... detached and fascinated, while staying uninvolved in anything that might upset the show.

Since they dont actually recognize the existence of 'evil', they instead see it as an aberration that can be dealt with once we 'gain understanding' of it.


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