Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eliot Spitzer and Ayn Rand - Progs won't read either one.

They really don't have much in common.  Pretty sure Spitzer isn't interested in promoting the ideas from "Atlas Shrugged" because they defeat the narrative.
In 'Shale Gas is Rearden Metal', Delingpole points to weird/chilling similarities between the European 'controversy' on Shale Gas and the fictional company in Rand's book.
Ayn Rand foresaw all this. Swelling the ranks of the anti-Rearden-Metal protesters are all sorts of unlikely pressure groups – especially after Rearden Metal is used to make the sleepers on the new, fast, efficient Rio Norte railway line.
"I don't like the resolution passed by the convention of grade school teachers of New Mexico" said Taggart.
"What resolution?"
"They resolved that it was their opinion that children should not be permitted to ride on the new Rio Norte Line of Taggart Transcontinental when it's completed because it is unsafe."
Ah yes. The convention of grade school teachers of New Mexico: of course they'd know. Just like Prince Charles knows. And Natalie Bennet and Caroline Lucas of the Green party knows. And those bright, clued-up sparks in the Diocese of Blackburn know.

But, in Spitzer's case, those who are motivated by the author will be turned off by the title: 'Saving Capitalism'.

Not Very Many People Bought Eliot Spitzer's New Book

Of course capitalism does need to be saved ... from the influence allowed to be peddled by and to OTHER government entities.  It's a neat mobius loop. Build in little loopholes in the regulatory structure, and ignore other regs. Then put on show trials and prosecute the judas goats.
Alinsky likes it.

At the moment the Watermelons' strangest objection is that Shale Gas going into the mix would only result in savings of 4% in the rates for the consumer.  Interesting considering the tremendous rate rises of the last ten years.

Low information people DO wake up at some point, don't they? 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Latest Signs the GOP Wants to Lose in 2014, 2016

GOP CHIEF: Mitt Romney's 'Self-Deportation' Quote Was 'Racist' And 'Horrific'

Everyone in the higher ranks of GOP elected has already said that there's no vote benefit for them in 'Hispanic outreach'.

And anyone with a brain understood what  Romeny meant about self-deportation.  If there are no jobs available, those who crossed the borders illegally would go back. Is that concept 'racist'?  Really?!!!

Again, the GOP is letting Democrats define the issues. First Dems said we should run a moderate.. McCain, then Romney were THEIR choices .. BEFORE they actually ran. Then they were savaged as radicals.

Answer this question: 'Who is it gains from Amnesty for Illegals'?  Is it the 'Middle Class' unemployed?
Will it create jobs?  Or will it solidify big government?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progressive Memory Loss..

Referring to an 8 year gap of selective forgetfulness..Remember 'Chimpy McBushitler'? No? Figgered you didnt ...
When I say progressive, I of course refer to whiny little brats. Who didnt mind seeing it dished out against the other guy.. now theyre like all 'offended' by some 'disrespect'.
 Save the President from the Clowns: Bring Back Lese-Majeste!
Bring it back?  From when? From before, at least, Andrew Jackson.
After the 2008 vote came in some comedians said "Wow.. now we can't make fun of the President, anymore..." 
Want example of Bush 'disrespect'?  Take your pick!

AgriBiz Reporter Lies his ass off

Big Oil Files Waiver to Cap Ethanol, Block Free Market Competition

 Says guy paid by government subsidized and product mandated business.
Free Market my ass! When Farmers start burning ethanol in all their equipment, then let's talk about 'Big Oil's stranglehold.

Note: I grew up on a farm, and still have family in the BIZ. I simply cannot stand bald-faced liars! Ethanol is a racket.. pure and simple. If you don't like me saying it, my cousins.. tough!
Not to mention that 'Big Oil' doesnt really give a crap.. until it comes to product quality. Which SUCKS once you get over 10%.


What the MSM won't tell you about the Current 'Warming Crisis' v weather.

North part of US Corn Belt in peril.  In my area, the farmers are smiling.. looks to be a near-record yield based on the relatively wet summer.

Not so above Fort Wayne's latitude

Bloomberg: Corn in U.S. Seen by Cordonnier at Risk of Damage From Frost


Not only is the Antarctic Sea Ice at near-record level for the period, the temps in the Arctic threaten to set a new recorded low for days above freezing.
Early Chill in Arctic Continues - Link to Danish Met Data

And the AP idiocy on 'Lake at North Pole' has been quietly retracted.


1938 Slide rule Model outperforms supercomputer results in predicting warming sensitivity.
'Sensitivity' is simply a measure in Degrees 'Celsius' of how the global temp responds to a doubling of atmospheric CO2.  It's logarithmic, not linear.  The more it grows the less change in temp.
Current global temps are outside and lower than the 'Experts' standard error deviation. Driving warmies nuts.  Reality refuses to conform to chicken littles. 
The reason is that water vapor does NOT respond as modeled in the feedback loop.
As we used to say.. GiGo: Garbage in, Garbage out. Warmies have been claiming up to almost 4 deg. with water vapor feedbacks. When in reality it looks like 1.7 deg, maximum. 
This was postulated  in 1938 by Guy Callendar.  Who is a story in himself:

Global Warming Science And The Wars: Guy Callendar

When Roger Revelle, ALGore's climate mentor changed his tune later in life to the more reasonable sensitivity, and pointed out some positive effects of  more carbon and warming, Gore and his lackeys, drooling for more taxes and funding, called him senile and demented.

Summary:  All the MSM  is likely to report is that there's a heat wave somewhere. 
Well.. Climate is made up of weather.  It's colder some places, warmer a few others.
The global temp has been at a sustained high level since 1998 but it aint going up anymore and looks like it might be going down.  And for quite a few years to come.

But you wouldn't know any of this because the MSM is both stupid and invested in the narrative that allows energy to be taxed and controlled, because 'Progress - Save the Earth'  with your money.


{Hey.. pettyfog! You think you're smarter than Algoreacle? }
- depends.
If he really believes the BS he spouts, Hell yes!
If you're talking about ability to make money selling snake oil, I'm a freakin' moron.