Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fox News: Beavis hires Butthead

Employing the 'Hannity- Colmes'* effect in reverse, Fox hires Former Boy Mayor as Prime Time gadfly/punching bag/foil. Face it... it's not hard to look smarter than Dennis.
If what I say here offends anyone, I'm sorry. Read the whole article to understand what I'm talking about. Politics and Economics is more complicated than you'll see on any network. We're being dumbed down and I resent it.

Powerline: Is Fox Actually a Hedgehog?

"Kucinich is a clown, and he makes the O’Reilly Factor more of a clown show than it already is.
But maybe that’s the point; it is not for nothing that Rush Limbaugh, a serious man who nonetheless understands showmanship at the same time, refers to Bill O’Reilly as >Ted Baxter.<”

- Lol! Exactly! If you read O'Reilly's books, which are pretty damn good, you wonder if one or the other .. tv commentator, or author.. isnt just someone with the same name.
* Sean Hannity isnt really a shallow idiot, he just plays one on the air. Hannity hasn't been a serious show since Colmes left. And both their IQ's seemed to have plummeted on their own..