Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Conspiracy? Rove's useful idiots!

My dad is getting on... he had a lot of ideas and views, when I was young, that started me thinking beyond the box.

But, a few days ago, a side comment about politics and the world situation led him to ask me if I believed in "that theory about 'three guys running the whole world'".

I knew, of course he meant the "Trilateral Commission theory" but I wasnt sure HOW to respond, but some events surely lead you to believe in SOMETHING like that.

The Alito and Roberts' hearings and the decision of John Kerry to try to mount a filibuster 'just on principle' make me wonder.
Appointing Dean as DNC chair, for him to promptly run the finances into near red-ink makes me wonder.

Hell, just letting Kerry open his mouth makes me wonder... never mind he has almost a clean slate of doing nothing in 20 years in the Senate.

Karl Rove couldn't orchestrate it to make Democrats look any more stupid. Or could he?

Hmmm.. have any of YOU ever seen Soros and Rove in the same place, together?