Monday, February 06, 2006

Steelers take it all!

I am so good! All the joy of the NFL season, as a Bengals fan, turned to dust for me on the second play of the first Cincinnati possession in the first playoff game they'd had in 15 miserable years.

For those of you who don't know the particulars... a Steeler defender was blocked down as he went for Carson Palmer, and Palmer went out with ACL and MCL tears. Our season was done.

Oh, Kitna is a good backup... perhaps, the best in the NFL.. but Carson is our GUY! And Kitna was rusty. Maybe, in looking back, it would have been better if the coaches had pretended it was nothing serious and that Carson might be able to come back in.. but, in reality, all the air went out of the Bengals' balloon in the second half. Well, we can't have a do-over on that. Life as a fan sux sometimes.

But after the Steelers took out the Colts, surely the best team in the AFC, and Denver beat the Pats, the second best team in the AFC, I began to think there was more afoot than just a team peaking at just the right time; there was a finger of fate in this.

Just as certain as I was that, with Carson at QB, the Bengals would have won that day.

So I picked Steelers to win the SB against Seattle... and posted the same on a fan forum on January 15. A lucky guess? Nope, no doubt in my mind they'd do it, it's just one of those things you KNOW! Now, on that same forum, there's a lot of Browns' fans... and I took stick...they hate the Steelers with a white-hot passion. But I'm a Bengals fan, I have had to be objective or I'd have off'd myself over it... well, not really.

Anyway, as the day of the game came around, I realized the Steelers would win by 10. I didnt know that before but it was clear to me the 4 point spread was at least 4 off.

Heh! So, if I was so certain, why didnt I lay some cash on it? Well, that part is the kicker..I found out some time ago that if I actually stood to gain anything by these 'hunches', they didnt work out. I could only bet my ego on it.

Oh, well.... I had a minister once, who was dead certain God was a football fan. Bet it was mainly so's he'd have an excuse to watch NFL on Sunday instead of doing calls except in emergency. But maybe there's something to it.. maybe Jerome Bettis really HAS been smiled on!

Never mind.. it'll be all that much sweeter next year, when Carson and the Cats eat the Steelers' lunch, both home and away!