Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The "Godfather Dems" of our times..

Reading back-posts on Gateway Pundit on how we keep getting fooled it occurred to me that Jimmy Carter is a very dangerous man.
The mullahs have fooled Jimmy Carter and other democrats before and they are fooling them again now says Zucker. Hasn't Carter done enough in creating militant Islam? When is the left ever going to learn? Why do we have to pay for their ignorance and cluelessness?

Read it all... it also explains how Carter gummed the works with North Korea.

And it struck me...

If Al Gore invented the Internet, didnt Jimmy Carter 'invent' international terror by weapons of mass destruction and Islamic Terrorism?

Of course, Gore didnt REALLY invent websurfing and such, I doubt he even thought of it; he was pushing a national supercomputer consortium in which net connectivity was vital.. and Carter didnt intend for things to turn out as they have when he gave up tokens, as a gesture of good will, with both Iran and North Korea.


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