Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Signs 'I'm past it' - selling my Mustang 'SVO Convertible'

A 1988 Mustang "SVO Convertible". Born in my own driveway/garage.

Yes, that's a custom grill opening treatment, cut out the LX bar.
I took pride in the fact that it looked so familiar but no-one had ever seen one just like it before. Double takes from other Mustangers were precious!

This car was my last car freak effort, after I'd built a couple XR4 ti's for my two oldest sons and put together at least 4 79-85 heaps for other kids.

I mean I used to be able to ID really small differneces and models easily. Now I find I cant ID the latest Mustangs on sight.. couldn't even tell the diff between and 09 and 10 without 'em side by side. That sux.

I modified the original LX with
Rear Running gear from a 1984 SVO (anti-wrap bars) and a Front full K-member from 1986 SVO
(Obviously 5 lug)
Aftermarket 15" wheels

86 TC Engine and ECU, Short Block needs rebuilt. Who cares, though... When someone answers the ad, I'll throw in extra TC/XR4 engine running fine when pulled, plus another cracked-seat head from 86 SVO, both stored in-gar ten years. Crap 'shrouded chamber' head for 88 2.3 N/A is in car.
I paid a 'pro speed shop $750 to redo the short block and they eff'ed it up royal. NEVER go to a 'speed shop that adverts on regular local tv. That's why I'm throwing in the extra 'good engine' free.

Turbo spins but needs rebuilt, var 2.3 turbo-FI parts includ orig 84 SVO turbo. Various Intercooler and turbo parts and extra SVO IC body. Several ECU's.

Several T-5's from 2.3's includ original from 84 SVO with bad 2nd gear synchro included.


Scoop orig, grafted from deer-hit 84 hood.

This car is a full resto-project, though it should be streetable with engine change and new fuel pump, started okay till fuel pump quit running key-on, relay engaged. Rust condition when stored was fair to moderate, by current standards for 88 vintage for SW OHIO. IOW, passenger/driver floor to firewall transition probably needs attention. Trunk lip bad.
Driver side doorskin, rocker panel and rear fender flare was replaced by me, thus not professional, Body work over that was by pro, but he didnt rustproof the trunk lip, and he radiused the scoop graft part line (against my wishes) to factory appearance, thus it cracked.

Interior: Stock LX Red, 'fair'. Carpet needs replaced. Top Fair, pads discolored, original - not repl'd with top.

Also have var wire harness from XR4/TC's.

Throw in Flowmaster stk# 42553, NIB.

All stuff listed obviously sold as-is. The car and stuff has been stored over ten years. I guess I'm never going to reaquire 'the jones'. Coming back to 'car freak status' only happens once in life, I suppose. Or twice.. for me; from early twenties to late thirty's, then after ten years off, to late forty's early fifty.

Dont respond here... this isnt an ad. It's a statement of pride in what I've done AND that I've lost interest in fixing up this stuff.
Look up Mustang club adverts in SW ohio to get contact info.
I dont want to haggle. Dont want to catalog and list everything. Dont want to drag car out of shed and photograph everything.

I'm only gonna ask $1000 for all the above. If that's really too much, guy better make a case for his offer.

Any idiot just saying "What will you take, cash, right now?" will be asked to leave premises. Those guys piss me off royal. Last two times I sold cars, I did state selling price and that happened. Both times the idiots showed up later and asked where the car was. I just smiled.

Anyone showing up without trailer will be asked to put up $100 earnest money cash to hold it for ten days, N-R of course. Ever have someone ask you to hold something 'till tomorrow? Yeah.. right.

Also will discount 79-86 Fox dashpad, NOS never installed but out of box, and correct for SVO, for $150 to car buyer.
$250 otherwise.

I'm a prince among men!