Friday, November 24, 2006

The gospel of Tony Hendra

How to become a serious HuffPost contributor:

Attend Cambridge to understand world and how it really works

Become intellectual by consorting with Cleese and other Monty Python originals

Somehow, while writing on the New York scene'; become 'saved'*

Write a book about it: Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul

Have your daughter claim you sexually molested her as a child, and of course deny it. Of course that might be because, as you admitted, you ignored your family 'in order to screw as many hippie chicks as possible'.

*Or ... maybe you WEREN'T actually 'saved'....

A Christian might harbor dark thoughts about an 'enemy' .. might even wish him dead... surely, though, he wouldnt repeatedly invoke God in a prayer wishing him dead.

Any more than he would ask God to help him get in his neighbor's wife's pants. But, somehow, that wouldnt surprise me, either.

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