Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ohio State - Michigan: No Rematch, Please!

It has turned out as I said.. or feared; Michigan a 3 point loser in Columbus, which may result in them ending up ranked as #2 at the end of the season.

Mike Hart of Michigan said after the game that he wanted a rematch and that it would turn out differently on 'neutral turf'.

It very well might... the problem with that idea, though, is that the National Championship game is being played in the home of the Fiesta Bowl. And if you think that is 'neutral ground' you havent been paying attention the last few years.
It might as well be Paul Brown Stadium. Guarantee Buckeye fans already have scooped up most of the hotel accomodations; and to locals who are interested, the Buckeyes are probably their second team.

There's lots of opinion in the press, including the Detroit papers, against a rematch, and I think they are right. It would cheapen the unique BCS process which I'm beginning to like more and more {obviously dont know if I'd feel the same if the Buck's lost, but I think I would}.

And if OSU plays someone else and beats them soundly, and Michigan trounces whoever they play in the Rose Bowl, that will do more to establish who is really king on the hill than if they played each other.

Unless you want to see the Buckeyes REALLY paste the Wolverines.. which I dont. One of the unique characteristics of college football fandom, which makes it fun is the illusion that 'your team' might have won the big National Championship game, "IF ONLY....".
Well, I'd like to bash the illusions out of the minds of some of them... and, for that, there's be nothing better than if OSU pounded Notre Dame into dust and Michigan pushed USC into the Pacific.

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CrewArsenal said...

I despise michigan; they are #1 on my h8 list.

That said, it was an incredible game, words fail to describe the atmosphere and the NOISE.

Sad to see the passing of Bo, a class act and a true legend and good guy. Never found a reason to even dislike him, much less despise him.

I do not want to see a rematch. Bring on Boise State!

I believe OSU can handle USC, the more likely opponent.