Thursday, October 18, 2012

Point and Laugh: 'Binders Edition'

When you got nothing else.. you make up a 'scandal'.  Doesn't matter how lame it is, the sheep will follow blindly.

Still bruised a little by derision toward an idiotic PAC cautioning women to 'vote their ladyparts', the Dems have seized on Romney's saying he had 'Binders full of women' to fill key jobs.

Naturally Democrats project their unsaid views on that..
Here's a collection of  hypocrisy that in another time would have been on national news and front pages for days:

The left’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is … something about Mitt Romney and binders

Well.. if that aint chuckleworthy enough.. we get a breathless breaking story about the women in those binders:

Many In Romney's "Binder Full Of Women" Were Campaign Donors

The former Massachusetts Governor touted hiring “binders full of women” for his cabinet, but many were donors to his gubernatorial campaign.
Mitt Romney answered a question at the presidential debate Tuesday on how he would close the gender pay gap by telling how he filled his cabinet with women appointees using "binders full of women" provided by women's groups.
But a cross reference of Romney's very senior positions held by women, his senior staff and cabinet heads, show that 5 of 8 positions were filled by campaign donors, suggesting that Romney did indeed surround himself with female executives, but that the outside advice had a limited effect.
So let me get this straight.. the fact that  those women he appointed gave him campaign contributions means they didn't come from the binders, but from the contributor list.. or what?

If I were hiring for a position that was largely a political one, I'd certainly look for someone I thought wouldn't be conflicted. And if they shared my views, it's reasonable to assume they might contribute to my campaign, right?  OR is that just another misogynist republican point of view.
And let's take note that this guy said himself that Romney had women in EIGHT SENIOR POSITIONS

I know.. let's check out some Dem Governors' staffs and see how many women were high in rank and wonder later if they contributed to their current bosses..

Romney cabinet’s women representation better than today’s leading Democratic governors

Unlike the previous article, you will see ALL the pertinent data included. Along with source links. Not just that which makes the writer's weak  propaganda point.

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