Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Crack Reporting! Trump Met with Russian Spy in Oval Office!

Crack Investigative journalist, Emily Singer, was doing deep trace on Maria Butina, recently revealed as Russian Spy / Operative.  So naturally she started with the NYT.  

There's she was in background of a photo of Russian Delegation visiting Trump on an official greet.

What a SCOOP!  
Isn't that how everyone brings their spies in country?

Note:  Allahpundit is definitely not a Trump supporter

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Outrage overload

No, wait.. this time I'm REALLY back.

After a REAL long hiatus, where I thought Facebook, and an occasional rant on a Soccer site would do, my interest in political commentary has been renewed by the fact that the 'Deplorable Yokel Racist, Sexist, homophobic flyovers' finally got fed up with the precious Snowflake touchy feely craptastic Social Justice Warriors of the Left and voted to  'Drain the Swamp'.
Well, that aint gonna happen.  You know it, I know it... and most everyone complaining about Trump knows it. But it's just so much fun watching these intellectually inbred babies cry when someone borrows their rattle.

Just to refresh you on my political views. Trumps a narcissistic jerk and he mouths off for effect.  But the people who voted for him deserve their day .. they attended Tea Party rallies. Elected people who mostly turned their back on them, once they got in the Georgetown Cocktail Party crowd.
They got even!

Active Duty Marine calls out Trump on his Twitter style.

“A statement by the president, on Twitter or otherwise, must carry with it the authority and legitimacy of the Office of the President.”
-- Sorry, Captain; you being a Naval Academy grad and all, while I'm just a pore dum farmboy, but I'm gonna have to go ahead and call 'Bullsh*t'.
- If Trump posted AS POTUS, you MIGHT have a point. He doesn't.
- If this was true, it would open up a whopping Pandora's Box which would have global diplomacy / officialdom in a constant turmoil of litigation and review.
- Probably a good thing Marines have 'ordered you to attend Law School' Maybe you'll learn something about the lasting authority of international arbitive courts.
Which is to say almost none! ESPECIALLY the court you used as precedent.

The True Power of Trump's Tweets

Brennan goes ape about Trump.. look in the mirror putz!

As to Trump's gladhanding Putin... No idea. The words sure don't match the actions he has taken against Russia. But those were 'yesterday'.

Why is it that John Brennan, a guy who voted Communist in 1976, joined CIA in 1980 (Carter), became head of intelligence services under Obama, spied on domestic press in 2012. Advised Obama to do nothing about Russia in 2016, now wants someone to try Trump for Treason because Putin?

Hell Brennan wants to be Putin!

Read the whole thing. It's NOT 'tin foil hat' stuff, it's a matter of record.

Trump Putin Presser Reactions Go Full Hair on Fire

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Questions Progressives Cant or Wont Answer.

* If Central Planning or Government control of all commerce is so good, why do countries using it exclusively always fail their own people?

* How does unfettered immigration help the Black Community?

* Why is it okay to make preferential law / statute to protect a minority and at the same time persecute the majority?

* 1 Provide evidence that a world run by women would be a peaceful world.
2 May I counter that with historical evidence or will you just say "Shut Up!"

* 1 Provide evidence that a world run by Socialists would be a peaceful world.
2 May I counter that with historical evidence or will you just say "Shut Up!"

*  What is your grand plan to convert Islamic belief in the Caliphate to a Progressive point of view?
- or should I say.. 'Final Solution' to do that. Which, I suspect, is the more accurate question.
- Related:  If the US becomes totally Socialistic, what is your plan for those supported by the government.
- related. Will Labor/worker Unions survive a Progressive long term government?
I suspect there's a Final Solution for those questions, too.

* Why do feminists always focus on genitalia?  And also why dont they campaign against cultures that oppress and mutilate women?  Instead of Christians who dont?
- Second, why do so many Progressive males seem to express themselves against outspoken conservative women by including some sort of fantasy rape?

* How does Global Warming mitigation by outlawing fossil fuels help the poor in the third world?

* Reconcile the terms 'Cultural Diversity' and 'Cultural (mis)Appropriation.'

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump drags out the Hillary/Obama 'RESET BUTTON', says he's gonna wire it up and Libs' Heads Explode!

Recruiting his SoS from the biggest of big oil, who has lots of experience negotiating with despot Putin, is genius
God bless my Mom and Dad! Once they realized I had a thirst to read everything about the 'Real Grownup World' I could get my hands on, we got at least one paper, a weekly newsmagazine, Time and sometimes Newsweek, USNews if the price was right. Access to historical books for young adults.. the whole nine yards.
And I read them cover to cover as soon as they came. That was in the 3rd and 4th grade.
I learned how and why things happen on the International Front. Not by reading just one opinion, but ALL of them in a broad range of pubs.
I knew a LOT about the Korean war as it was going on.. why we were there. and why Truman fired MacArthur.. which amazed me cuz dad agreed 100% with Truman.. one of very few times that happened. And I established reading and learning for a lifetime.
So when I see some people who think Trumps appointment of a big international oil CEO is blatant kowtowing to Russia, I just shake my head ... there's no way you can convince people that it's a brilliant move when everything to them is ideology based..
Trump promised he would do things different that he KNEW how to negotiate.. and this proves it. If Tillerson advanced the fortunes of his old employer via negotiations, he will advance OUR fortunes by dealing with Russia in an appropriate manner.
If I have to tell you how this is gonna happen, I dont have time... just suffice it to say ..
This is REAL 'Smart Diplomacy', not just words.

And: Yes I AM smarter than most these political hacks. And I did it on my own.