Saturday, July 29, 2006

Proportional Response and more drivel from the informed left

Listen to any Conservative talk show that lets Liberals on the air and lately you'll hear Israel blamed for not using 'Proportional Response' to Hezbollah's actual and remote control incursions into Israel.

I occasionally let myself get fooled into listening to Sean Hannity {no link because there's nothing of substance available on his site for free}, and there it is again:

"It's all Israel's fault!" "Israel is killing Innocent Civilians!" "Hezbollah isnt killing many with those rockets, Israel shouldnt be more precise."

Of course Hannity then launches into one of his core mantras... while ignoring a chance to actually make a point with the schmuck of the hour.

He might have asked why, every time Israel gives a concession, Hamas or the Islamo Fascist party in question uses that to gain ground for more attacks on 'Innocent Civilians' on the other side. He might have asked why the UN 'peacekeepers were unarmed in the first place.. since the area they were watching was once occupied by Israel and Christian Militias.

He might have asked why the left criticized Israel for the wall.. wasnt THAT a reasonable response? No, instead it was criticized by many of the same... for keeping Palestinians from their jobs on the Israeli side.
And the PA would get all huffy when Israel responded to some markey suicide bomber by blowing a PLO officer's car or HQ site into smithereens.

He might have asked why Hez set up rockets right at the UN sites... and why nothing was done about it.

Just more examples of the Liberal self-destructive mind... the Left is so bereft of ideas and lacking in understanding of a 'foreign culture' they will avoid criticizing it and focus on that they think they do understand. Thus, it's always OUR fault or Israel's fault.

Parse that out... and you see the true view: Elitist Bigotry of the type that studies primitive cultures like amoebae in a petri dish... detached and fascinated, while staying uninvolved in anything that might upset the show.

Since they dont actually recognize the existence of 'evil', they instead see it as an aberration that can be dealt with once we 'gain understanding' of it.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

World Cup Football: USA Soccer job made to order for Klinsmann!!!

Even Deutsche-Welle thinks so:

There are plenty of reasons for Germany's Jürgen Klinsmann to head for the rumored coaching job waiting for him in the United States, and the coincidence that he lives there isn't the biggest one of them.

Congratulations to Jürgen Klinsmann, the man who literally brought a smile back to Germany, for taking a break to talk with his family before deciding on his next job.

He's earned the time with his wife and two children, and hopefully they'll be able to convince him to hand in his Lufthansa frequent flier card and stay at home in California after a grueling World Cup and two-year tug-of-war over everything from his coaching methods to the choice of the team's hotel.
Near anonymity for the whole family is a major drawing point for the soft-spoken coach. While Klinsmann would be under the critical eyes of Germany's 82 million remote control coaches, the US Soccer Federation would be hard pressed to find half that number of Americans who can name the current coach -- and he's been there for eight years.

It's hard for us to imagine the difference in profile Klinsmann and his family would carry into the public.
Everyone in 'football crazed' Europe knows Klinsmann by sight, and the sports reporters would be hanging on him and his family trying to dig out any bit of news positive or negative....while even coming across Tommy LaSorda in his high profile days with the Dodgers wouldnt necessarily raise much of a fuss.

So even if Klinsmann raised US soccer's profile ten-fold, the public and paparazzi nuisance would still be nothing compared to what he gets now in Germany.

So it's a win-win for both Klinsmann and US Soccer. He gets to stay and work around home, traveling the least of most any national team coach, and he gets to keep his private life relatively private while making over 1.5 million for his efforts... which work-hours are GENERALLY less intrusive than if he coached a club team.

We can hope.. and let's keep our fingers crossed that he does the right thing for the sport he loves.
Big Dig Boondoggle turns tragic..

Most of us midwesterners only know about the Boston Big Dig from the political related articles on it for the last ten years. There were huge cost overruns and charges of crony-ism and rumors of kickbacks.

Well, most of us old-timers know that where there's smoke there's fire.. and the 'Big Dog-gle' has bit everyone associated with it. And some who were just using it.
“The fact that this actually failed is extremely troubling,” said U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, adding that federal guidelines require that such suspension systems be able to carry eight times the load being supported.
“ The collapse of the ceiling, which killed 38-year-old Milena Del Valle of Jamaica Plain, was caused when a 3-ton ceiling slab gave way and caused three adjacent slabs to buckle and crash to the roadway with it, officials said.

Obviously, there was a failure in either quality control, design or construction,” he added. “We cannot allow people to go back in these tunnels until we know they’re safe.”
Big Dig boss Matt Amorello said engineering consultants, along with state and federal inspectors, are reviewing the project’s entire infrastructure. He also said Massachusetts Turnpike officials are examining their own records to determine whether concrete ceiling panels and the steel tiebacks holding them in place were stress-tested before being installed.

Boston Herald.. more

It's all well and good to review the 'tieback' system, and whether they were adequately tested...but we can pretty well guess what the findings will be.

The tunnels will be either partially or completly shut down for another 18 months while 'corrections' are made.

But there's a bigger issue or question:
Who the hell designed this thing!!!! I'm not a structural engineer but to install what is essentially a suspended CONCRETE SLAB ceiling seems to me the height of stupidity.
Didnt these guys ever study Roman viaduct design... and wouldnt they understand the significance of the architectural ARCH?!!! Note, in fact, the root of the term 'architecture'!

Tiebacks as I understand them serve as a back-up to structural self-support, and would keep a primary structural failure limited in effect.
Depending on the location and purpose of this 'tieback' system, the early take seems to make them NOT tiebacks but 'anchor bolts', which is a whole different thing.

I'm betting that the BIG review of the project will point not only to substandard materials and construction methods but basic design flaws, as well.

Which, of course, is to be expected when those doing big public projects are too cozy with an entrenched political machine. Which is nothing new and it's certainly not the first time it's happened. But it will certainly end up being the most expensive corrupted public works project, ever.