How to find stuff you want to know

This is for those who don't feel they are very internet/computer savvy. {And that's so I dont have to do a lot of research, just tell you what I do a lot}

Want to know what food prices in 1950? Just search: food prices in 1950

One of the results will point you here:

Seems cheap, right? Not if you search: value of dollar in 1950, one of which results links to:
Which if you enter 1956 and 2011 shows you that food prices are pretty darn stable.
The multiplier there, BTW shows that a buck in 56 is $8.18 now.

If you want to know about people or things or organizations that might be found in an encyclopedia, type 'wiki' before the subject you're searching for. That will put the wikipedia article on top if they have an article on it.

wikipedia is usually good info. The exception being when the person or subject is highly controversial.. then there is a lot of vandalism and you can never be sure of facts or viewpoint.

If you're looking for Do it yourself info, type in 'How do I...'

or more .. 'How do I repair a ...'

Be specific as possible. If it's a car, for example, include the make model and year and the system or part you are dealing with.

Be very careful when you click on links. google for example prowls net sites looking for bad code that may infest or affect your computer. If Google blocks the site dont force your way in.. go somewhere else.

No matter how arcane you think your question might be, the answer is usually availble with a search.
For instance, you dont need to wallow around facebook help to find how to upload pictures from your computer to facebook. Just type that question into the search box.
how do i upload pictures from my computer to facebook

I did my first 'on-line search' in 1978 when I was a third party contractor to what is now known as Lexis-Nexis.
I've used a lot of search engines since, and there is none better at finding what you want from typing in simple text than Google.
But some don't like the idea of how much information they gather.
I suggest for those people.