Saturday, June 17, 2006

Falling on the tracks

For years I posted and argued on the politics forum of a soccer site. It was fun for a while, then became more and more tedious as I kept having to knock down strawmen in the form of what Limbaugh calls "Drive-by" cliches; those old saws like "Where are the WMD" and "Bush Lied, Children died."

And THEN I get treated to my own party preferring to preserve their power and seats rather than stand up for any principle of conservative thought. Especially guys like Ted Stevens and Dennis Hastert..meaning they will be conservative to get elected, then they will be 'quasi-Byrd-democrats'to KEEP getting elected.

Well, screw it! Arguing with other civilians doesnt work... and the reason it doesnt work is those guys USUALLY are trying to salvage their own belief systems and world view. It's called denial.. obviously.. and no amount of evidence or fact will deter them. Not until the obvious is surrounding and about to drown them.

So I think I'll just come back to this anonymous, unseen, unread, space to distill and write down what I think. I get about two hits a day and that's alright.

Since I read a lot of middle-right wing blogs, and sure cant beat them in either content or point of view. So I guess I'm going to have to find some way of sifting the odd nugget here and there.
Eh we'll see.

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