Friday, August 16, 2013

Latest Signs the GOP Wants to Lose in 2014, 2016

GOP CHIEF: Mitt Romney's 'Self-Deportation' Quote Was 'Racist' And 'Horrific'

Everyone in the higher ranks of GOP elected has already said that there's no vote benefit for them in 'Hispanic outreach'.

And anyone with a brain understood what  Romeny meant about self-deportation.  If there are no jobs available, those who crossed the borders illegally would go back. Is that concept 'racist'?  Really?!!!

Again, the GOP is letting Democrats define the issues. First Dems said we should run a moderate.. McCain, then Romney were THEIR choices .. BEFORE they actually ran. Then they were savaged as radicals.

Answer this question: 'Who is it gains from Amnesty for Illegals'?  Is it the 'Middle Class' unemployed?
Will it create jobs?  Or will it solidify big government?