Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Conspiracy? Rove's useful idiots!

My dad is getting on... he had a lot of ideas and views, when I was young, that started me thinking beyond the box.

But, a few days ago, a side comment about politics and the world situation led him to ask me if I believed in "that theory about 'three guys running the whole world'".

I knew, of course he meant the "Trilateral Commission theory" but I wasnt sure HOW to respond, but some events surely lead you to believe in SOMETHING like that.

The Alito and Roberts' hearings and the decision of John Kerry to try to mount a filibuster 'just on principle' make me wonder.
Appointing Dean as DNC chair, for him to promptly run the finances into near red-ink makes me wonder.

Hell, just letting Kerry open his mouth makes me wonder... never mind he has almost a clean slate of doing nothing in 20 years in the Senate.

Karl Rove couldn't orchestrate it to make Democrats look any more stupid. Or could he?

Hmmm.. have any of YOU ever seen Soros and Rove in the same place, together?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Murtha Method: "Projecting strength through Strategic Retreat!"

The boards of several war colleges are rumored to be lining up Rep Murtha as a guest lecturer.

Already, though, the Rep has seen his strategic views employed yet again by the UN Peacekeeping Force in CongoU.N. Removes Peacekeepers After Slayings.

By ANJAN SUNDARAM, Associated Press Writer Tue Jan 24, 10:30 PM ET

KINSHASA, Congo - The
United Nations pulled its remaining peacekeepers out of the national park where eight Guatemalan peacekeepers were killed in an apparent gunbattle with Ugandan rebels, a U.N. spokesman said Tuesday.

Hans-Jakob Reichen, U.N. military spokesman for eastern Congo, said the peacekeepers were withdrawn because they had completed a two-week mission to clear Garamba National Park of rebel forces. "It was decided to pull peacekeepers out of the park since any suspected rebels had melted into the jungle," Reichen said.

It's expected that a Headquarters session of the council will ask Murtha how to expand on recent recent UN successes, such as that above.
And these...

Of note is the amazing effect UN had in Liberia's recent unrest...
In Liberia, the UN peacekeeping mission, UNMIL, was dispatched in record time to assist in the implementation of a comprehensive peace agreement. Even before UNMIL’s full authorized strength of 15,000 uniformed personnel was reached, the security situation in the country improved dramatically.Violence and ceasefire violations decreased, and UN peacekeepers paved the way for the provision of humanitarian assistance and for the demobilization, disarmament and reintegration of ex-combatants.

Of course the stationing of several US Navy ships with contingents of Marines aboard, outside Monrovia's harbor, had nothing to do with it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Cronkite at Pearly Gates Court

Cronkite: Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq

From yer intrepid judgement day reporter on the scene:

Magistrate: "Ah, yes, the famous Mr Cronkhite! We've been waiting for you."

"Lessee what we have here... hmmm.. Personal life, not too bad, for a casual believer, a little excess here and there.. swearing, etc... lust , oh my! You had an active off camera life. Ah, well ... now, influence on others: Oh-oh, Oh my goodness LOOK at the BODY COUNT racked up against YOU!"

Walter: "But.. but.. I never killed ANYONE!"

Magistrate, peering over nose perched reading glasses: "My boy, you're no Hitler or Stalin, for sure... but you are right up there with Attila the Hun in the numbers."

Magistrate reading: "Deaths directly caused by influence of word or event: unnecessary battles - 78,925; Drownings or deaths at sea, civilians escaping oppression - 168,768; Executions or deaths in internment - 56,127....."

Walter, interrupting: "But I'm just a NEWS GUY!"

Magistrate: "Hey...I'm just a judge, here! That's what the book says and it's always proved out."

"Sez here in the border notes, you're the most trusted man in America... didnt you think of that?"

Walter: "Well, sure, but i just offer my opinion.."

Magistrate: "Opinions, like cross words spoken in heat of anger, have consequences, old boy!"

Walter: "But my intentions were good, I meant to save lives..."

Magistrate: "Well, you know what they say about the road to Hell... looks like you're gonna find out, first-hand."

Walter: "Wait.. wait.. don't tell me that Bush actually..."

Magistrate: "Bush.. what's he got to do with it? That's only about your Tet statement."

"Fortunately for you, the only one who's gonna get black marks for cuttin' and runnin' in Iraq, is Bush's daddy. Most people knew you were full of it when you blathered on about Iraq, so you get a pass on that"

Magistrate, to bailiff: "Take this one to the down-elevator waiting room. Next!"

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alito, lookback and summary..

Well, It's another case of the Dem's grabbing at straws instead of looking for lifeboats.

Kennedy's carping on CAP made him look even more stupid that he came across in 'Roberts' and now, all the Dems seem to want is to delay the vote until after Dubya's State of the Union.

Maybe they hope for an earthquake jarring open a 'closet' somewhere. The sole criticism remaining is that Alito seems to 'defer to the Executive too much'.

MAybe the key to that is the actual NAMES of the Government branches?!!! It's called the 'Executive' for a reason, dummies! As in "to execute!" or "put into action"!

While the framers put in safeguards against a 'monarchistic' system, they realized that ONE branch had to have the latitude to actually DO SOMETHING, rather than debate about it.
Of course such an idea has become foreign to the Dem concepts of governance. To them, talking about something IS 'action taken'!
All you have to do is read Madam Albright's comments on the Clinton Administration's foreign policy to understand that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Maurice and LeBron... just one small step apart.

They came from the same places, they knew each other. But what a difference in how they ended up.

Both extremely gifted physically, and athletically. Both smart, to go along with it.

Both received extreme national attention. And advice from all quarters in how to deal with their gifts and talents.

Both accused of relatively small transgressions as they progressed into the national spotlight.

Whoever advised LeBron.. more importantly, the advice he TOOK... made the difference!

Note that Jim Brown advised Maurice..... or rather the sum of that advice ENABLED Maurice. Because he ONLY took the part of the Legend's advice that suited him.

Which is: Maurice had to deal with 'the MAN!' And the MAN was out to get him!

LeBron no doubt got the same advice. But hasnt he dealt with it differently?

Now we have Maurice wanted on a warrant for armed robbery, instead of looking forward to a breakout season as a Broncos running back.

And LeBron practically owning the Cav's franchise.
We can't know whether LeBron will finally succumb to the entitlement mentality that humbled the previous HS to Pro phenom, Kobi Bryant... who also started out well, but was brought down by 'the MAN'.

But now we know that Maurice isnt even going to get the chance... because he started out worrying about 'the MAN' rather than getting his own ducks lined up.

Which is a difference of just 'one small step or decision'.

And defines the meaning of the word 'entitlement', to say nothing of the exact identity of 'the MAN'!