Sunday, September 02, 2012

Say it to the Chair - DNC 2012's Counter to Eastwood will be??

Like, surely, 95% of everyone watching .. my initial reaction to Clint's soliloquy was ..
"What the.....!!!"
First I had to get over the mixmaster hair do.  Then I had to recall "Tonight Show" type Eastwood guestings.. he is not a good guest when it comes down to smooth repartee...

Then I realized this was all him.. there was no script, he was winging it.  Then the chair.

And then I got it... "Oh.. this is Eastwood doing 'Performance Art!'" a sort of SNL type skit. A guy to guy.. or boss to employee exit interview.
Where the 'boss' is us.  Slightly dithered. Reluctant to shame but pointedly showing failure to perform. 
All in Eastwood's personna of course.

"You meant well, you tried, it didn't work.. we're moving on."

I missed a couple delicious touches.. like one blogger pointed out Eastwood didnt use a teleprompter but the chair had one.
And HuffPo had a 'Who said it' quiz, between Eastwood and Grandpa Simpson.. that is FUNNY!
 And Forbes asks: "Who's Responsible for this Fiasco?"
meaning "disruption of the smooth message delivery for the GOP "

The problem with that idea is.. I GOT the message.. and so did a lot of other people. That's why the blogs arent full of quotes from confused delegates and convention goers.
Sure it broke the scenario and scripting but I listened and it conveyed how I think.

So.. what can we look for in way of counteraction from DNC?  I assume it might be a break from what's promising to be a Celebration of Abortion.. aka Women's Rights.

And it should be Entertainment Celebs doing it. Probably will be chairs involved.. hopefully without a podium {That distracted from Eastwood's Performance Art}

Here's what I would like to see:
Four Chairs...In them are
Larry David
Ed Begley Jr
Rosanne Barr
Samuel L Jackson

Perez Hilton
Danny Glover
Ellen Barkin

Note I left out easy fodder like Charlie Sheen.  And Oprah

But someone with half a brain or more will probably drag out Ellen DeGeneres. 
That would be brilliant.  Everyone loves Ellen D.
Because she does what people want to see.. she doesnt insist she is an expert on everything.  Or that people should think how she thinks.
Which is probably why that wont happen.

UPDATE:  But a State Labor leader used it... He lectured Chair Eastwood in front of a state delegation.  Then he kicked Chair off the stage.
Is that any way to treat a Hollywood Icon?