Friday, December 27, 2013

Where 'Duck Dynasty' came from.. and where it's going. + Short history of TV Family Reality Shows

First, a prediction:
  • Chances of Robertsons continuing on A&E:  over 90%.
  • Chances of Phil missing more than one episode taping: 10% or less
  • Chances of Phil backing down and saying he was wrong in his GQ statement: ZERO
UPDATE:  Well, day late, dollar short.  A&E already came to terms and Phil's gonna miss none.  Let's see how my other predictions hold up.
 - But that's nothing.  For some reason Jesse Jackson took too long to organize his typical extortion scheme against A&E and 'Cracker Barrel' {heh.. the irony of that}.
Guess he's out'a practice and I dont know why, since he knew Sonny Boy was in the slammer for plain old Chi-Town style flim flamming and wasnt running the family race biz.

I love figuring out solutions.  I made a living doing that, not just technical solutions but applying those to the human interface. Which involves understanding human nature applied to reality in a given environment or situation. Usually involving payback on investment or activity.

The 'REALITY', here, is that the Robertsons hold ALL the cards and A&E hold NONE.

Oh, there's lots of 'analysts' pointing out that in this 'battle of wills' there are two sides, both standing to lose millions if there's no meeting of the minds.  The implication is that the family will 'negotiate' a settlement in order to keep the show on air.

Snicker! Stupid Yuppies!  They assume that the Robertson family is (still) in it for the money.  Oh, there will be a negotiation, alright, and here's the result:

Friday, November 01, 2013

Megyn Kelly EXPOSED! How the Koch Brothers engineered the rise of the Queen of Hateful

Beside the fact she works for FoxNews, her background shows that she's nothing but a shill for THE MAN.
All you need to know the truth is a look at wikipedia and a minimum skill at Google searching

* Former HS Cheerleader, and Captain of ALL WHITE squad, no less. We know all about THEM, dont we!  Early training in 'Mean Girl' syndrome.

* At Bethlehem HS
- Bethlehem is a small city in Israeli hands.  The Kochs are jewish
- Also a steel city in PA. Kochs have holdings in steel 

* Played Field Hockey. Ever watch a game? Bloodthirsty B**ches! Wonder what their record was against black schools?

* Undergrad degree in Poli Sci  at Syracuse
- Obviously it didn't take. Did she actually study or just chew gum? Did AEI or Heritage fund Syracuse U or was it the Koch Brothers? The Kochs were beta theta pi at MIT, Syracuse has a beta chapter.  Kelly probably dated or at least knew a beta. ergo.... 
- no record of her ever dating a Syracuse basketball player. Racist? You decide.

* No record of her taking even one Journo Class.  Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer should investigate.

* Albany Law School. Albany!  Not Harvard or Yale.. Or even NYU. How the hell did she pass the NY bar? Did she represent herself as a minority - or - Koch's put in the fix, again?

* 9 years at Jones, Day. Nine! Assigned as outside counsel to Credit bureau Experian.. no doubt against the little guy. Nine years and never made partner at Jones Day. Obviously second rate mind.
- Jones Day now known for taking Detroit into bankruptcy.  For no good reason of course except Racism!  I smell Koch! 

* Had no kids from first marriage.  Cold B***ch.

* Then married a corporate CEO. (Trophy wife) Three kids (soccer mom) with him and no record of abortion or even one visit to planned parenthood.
- So that guy quits and becomes writer. Letting Kelly support the family. Guess we know who wears the pants in that house. Dominatrix and ball buster!
 - Wonder if Kochs get him published?

* She's blonde and attractive.  Obviously not a feminist or Progressive. Thus must be an idiot or worse.

Seems pretty clear to me. But hey, I just point out, you decide. Aint like I'm a reporter or anything.
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved except for Colbert, Daily Show.  Or Media Matters

Sunday, October 20, 2013

White'n'Nerdy - When Amy Farrah Fowler channels Pauline Kael

I used to be pretty good at playing 'Trivial Pursuit'.  Not that I really enjoyed winning the game, I've just been blessed -or cursed- with the ability to retain lots of useless information.

Which is why I enjoy Big Bang Theory and why I  really LOVE it when folks who usually write on much more serious stuff raise the curtain on the throwaway lines that probably go over the head of half of BBT's audience. Well, those who identify with Penny, anyway. Though I DO quarrel with the the perception that Penny is shallow and dumb.

Along with the evidence that, yes, geeks and nerds DO get laid.. (how the heck do you think they reproduce?) but that the show is written with many layers of Easter Eggs; references that only nerds of various stripes would know.

And THEN, even political commentators get involved in discussing the nerdy connections to other media, look at Jonah Goldberg at NRO..
Did Indy Matter?
In a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon introduces his girlfriend, Amy, to the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which she’d never seen before. She liked the movie, she explains, despite the big “story problem.” Sheldon is aghast at the suggestion there could be any story problems with the “love child” of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. “What story problem?” he demands to know. She explains that Indiana Jones is absolutely irrelevant to the story. If he’d never gotten involved, the Nazis would have still found the ark of the covenant, they would have still brought it to that island, and they would have still had their faces melted.
And, in the comments on THAT opinion piece, is a link by an obviously nerd commenter to
Pauline Kael at the New Yorker in 1981 deconstructing the Indy epics.  Making in an obtuse manner the same point as Amy does on BBT.

Wherein.. Kael provides her opinion that old cinema serials were clearer and better than Spielberg and Lucas homages to them. 
Ummm.. having seen many of them on TV as a kid.... No!  Most were lots dumber than the Star Wars and Raiders  product.

But back on topic, the whole argument on whether, without Indy, the Ark might have gotten back to Berlin and Adolf might have  gotten back to Berlin and Hitler might have had his face melted off begs the question common to overheated existentialist theory.

The facts being, as it's an instrument of God's will, the innocent somehow manage to evade the terrible effects, and the attempt to harness evil turns against those of evil intent.
Just as we've seen time and time again. And are seeing today in many issues.

But it's not Goldberg or Kael that make the point, it's some commenter in Goldberg's page.   Bringing to mind, Sheldon's Mom..  at once, portrayed as both a 'bible thumper' and the wisest head on practical living in the Big Bang series.  Despite only appearing in a few episodes.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

AGW - The New Religion: WASPS in Search of Victimhood

Note: from 1990 First Assessment Report IPCC
First Assessment Report of 1990, page 202
First Assessment Report of 1990, page 2021990
First Assessment Report of 1990, page 202
First Assessment Report of 1990, page 202

Note: WASPS is an old term from since late sixties meaning (Middle Class) White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

Why the science doesn't matter.. it's for the Planet and the Children.

As the near term predictions of sea level rise, and warming to the point of death, of the Warming advocates comes crashing down around them, they become ever more strident in their gloom and doom.
We heard less than a decade ago that temperate climes no longer would see snow or winter weather and the result of the last five years in Europe are the coldest winters in decades with another severe winter forecast for this year.  Yes.  That's WEATHER, not climate.  But climate is the product of years of weather. And it doesn't normally snow in the Mediterranean.

The reason for this is that it's the common cause of the new left who have taken over the environmental crusades.

We were told that very soon arctic ice would disappear in summer. Indeed, 2007 and 2012 had the lowest sea ice cover ever recorded by satellite.  That's 30 years, barely enough to even be part of a 'climate cycle'. The fact is that the ocean currents have changed, not for the first time.. early and mid 20th century are well documented as being 'open water'.
We were told that we would see, starting immediately, more and more severe weather events because of current state of warming.  In, fact the US has had a record low number of both hurricanes and tornados in the last year.
Never mind it was shown that Superstorm Sandy level events had occurred at least twice previously in the same area since the thirties.  Hardly unprecedented.

The IPCC AR5 report, just issued, backs way off the earlier gloom and doom, providing you read INTO the report, ignoring the Summary issued to the press.

But it doesn't matter... 

Who's this unblinking loony?

He's Bill McKibben, described in his own words, part of Stanley Kurtz' The Wannabe Oppressed

McKibben describes his arrival at college in 1978 as a liberal-leaning student with a suburban Protestant background. “My leftism grew more righteous in college,” he says, “but still there was something pro forma about it.” The problem? “Being white, male, straight, and of impeccably middle-class background, I could not realistically claim to be a victim of anything.” At one point, in what he calls a “loony” attempt to claim the mantle of victimhood, McKibben nearly convinced himself that he was part Irish so he could don a black armband as Bobby Sands and fellow members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army died in a hunger strike. Yet even as he failed to persuade himself he was Irish, McKibben continued to enthusiastically support every leftist-approved victim group he could find. Nonetheless, something was missing. None of these causes seemed truly his own. When McKibben almost singlehandedly turned global warming into a public issue in 1989, his problem was solved. Now everyone could be a victim.
Let's look at others who are the activists in this crusade from Grit, one of their own media organs:

The children: Why a generation is putting itself on the line for the climate 

Notice something?  These kids aren't doing 'Climate Science' .. they are doing 'Activism'.

Science is boring and hard. Activism is fun and sorta like Flash Mobbing and sometimes you get to break things.  At the least you piss  someone off.

 Among skeptics, these folks are described as 'Watermelons'.  Green on the outside, Red inside.  A little research will show that most environmental organizations have been taken over by socialists and they dont give a damn about the real science.

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘Thank goodness we came along and reversed 150 million-year trend of reduced CO2 levels in global atmosphere. Long live the humans’

 Think the Warming stormtroopers aren't really serious?  Here's the product of some of that British Activism:

Isn't that special!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bait and Switch.. Money Rules in Sport

In 2010, following lots of palms greased in FIFA, the international governing body, Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup. Everyone NOT in FIFA, complained that holding it in Qatar in usual summer break would be a disaster. 
Everyone suspected that it would be switched to winter.. requiring a special schedule change that year. This never happened before even when the Cup was being played in southern hemisphere as it will be in Brazil 2014.
Well... guess what!

BBC: Uefa members back winter tournament in Qatar

Better Blatter 'Comes Clean'   Admits 'Politics played a part'.

Yeah... 'politics' meaning money!

It's inevitable. Politics has always played into these decisions. 
But the real travesty is that this was denied for years and Blatter lied through his nose even as several confederations including ours (CONCACAF) dumped officials for bribe taking.
"We looked like we were corrupt.  But we won't do it again.. Promise!!!!"

Yeah.... right!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Yet more inconvenient truths trap Arctic Yachters

Some people with more money than sense tried to make a global warming statement by sailing the NW passage in August... with results that cause me, and many others who actually pay attention to the facts, to chuckle.
Sailworld: North West Passage blocked with ice - yachts caught

Seems they been iced in.  They might have made it in the early twentieth century or even in the Fifties.. but they couldn't even have done it last year with the lowest sea ice in modern era.. and there's much lower temps and more ice in 2013.
If these folks had just looked at the live record, they might have thought better

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eliot Spitzer and Ayn Rand - Progs won't read either one.

They really don't have much in common.  Pretty sure Spitzer isn't interested in promoting the ideas from "Atlas Shrugged" because they defeat the narrative.
In 'Shale Gas is Rearden Metal', Delingpole points to weird/chilling similarities between the European 'controversy' on Shale Gas and the fictional company in Rand's book.
Ayn Rand foresaw all this. Swelling the ranks of the anti-Rearden-Metal protesters are all sorts of unlikely pressure groups – especially after Rearden Metal is used to make the sleepers on the new, fast, efficient Rio Norte railway line.
"I don't like the resolution passed by the convention of grade school teachers of New Mexico" said Taggart.
"What resolution?"
"They resolved that it was their opinion that children should not be permitted to ride on the new Rio Norte Line of Taggart Transcontinental when it's completed because it is unsafe."
Ah yes. The convention of grade school teachers of New Mexico: of course they'd know. Just like Prince Charles knows. And Natalie Bennet and Caroline Lucas of the Green party knows. And those bright, clued-up sparks in the Diocese of Blackburn know.

But, in Spitzer's case, those who are motivated by the author will be turned off by the title: 'Saving Capitalism'.

Not Very Many People Bought Eliot Spitzer's New Book

Of course capitalism does need to be saved ... from the influence allowed to be peddled by and to OTHER government entities.  It's a neat mobius loop. Build in little loopholes in the regulatory structure, and ignore other regs. Then put on show trials and prosecute the judas goats.
Alinsky likes it.

At the moment the Watermelons' strangest objection is that Shale Gas going into the mix would only result in savings of 4% in the rates for the consumer.  Interesting considering the tremendous rate rises of the last ten years.

Low information people DO wake up at some point, don't they? 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Latest Signs the GOP Wants to Lose in 2014, 2016

GOP CHIEF: Mitt Romney's 'Self-Deportation' Quote Was 'Racist' And 'Horrific'

Everyone in the higher ranks of GOP elected has already said that there's no vote benefit for them in 'Hispanic outreach'.

And anyone with a brain understood what  Romeny meant about self-deportation.  If there are no jobs available, those who crossed the borders illegally would go back. Is that concept 'racist'?  Really?!!!

Again, the GOP is letting Democrats define the issues. First Dems said we should run a moderate.. McCain, then Romney were THEIR choices .. BEFORE they actually ran. Then they were savaged as radicals.

Answer this question: 'Who is it gains from Amnesty for Illegals'?  Is it the 'Middle Class' unemployed?
Will it create jobs?  Or will it solidify big government?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progressive Memory Loss..

Referring to an 8 year gap of selective forgetfulness..Remember 'Chimpy McBushitler'? No? Figgered you didnt ...
When I say progressive, I of course refer to whiny little brats. Who didnt mind seeing it dished out against the other guy.. now theyre like all 'offended' by some 'disrespect'.
 Save the President from the Clowns: Bring Back Lese-Majeste!
Bring it back?  From when? From before, at least, Andrew Jackson.
After the 2008 vote came in some comedians said "Wow.. now we can't make fun of the President, anymore..." 
Want example of Bush 'disrespect'?  Take your pick!

AgriBiz Reporter Lies his ass off

Big Oil Files Waiver to Cap Ethanol, Block Free Market Competition

 Says guy paid by government subsidized and product mandated business.
Free Market my ass! When Farmers start burning ethanol in all their equipment, then let's talk about 'Big Oil's stranglehold.

Note: I grew up on a farm, and still have family in the BIZ. I simply cannot stand bald-faced liars! Ethanol is a racket.. pure and simple. If you don't like me saying it, my cousins.. tough!
Not to mention that 'Big Oil' doesnt really give a crap.. until it comes to product quality. Which SUCKS once you get over 10%.


What the MSM won't tell you about the Current 'Warming Crisis' v weather.

North part of US Corn Belt in peril.  In my area, the farmers are smiling.. looks to be a near-record yield based on the relatively wet summer.

Not so above Fort Wayne's latitude

Bloomberg: Corn in U.S. Seen by Cordonnier at Risk of Damage From Frost


Not only is the Antarctic Sea Ice at near-record level for the period, the temps in the Arctic threaten to set a new recorded low for days above freezing.
Early Chill in Arctic Continues - Link to Danish Met Data

And the AP idiocy on 'Lake at North Pole' has been quietly retracted.


1938 Slide rule Model outperforms supercomputer results in predicting warming sensitivity.
'Sensitivity' is simply a measure in Degrees 'Celsius' of how the global temp responds to a doubling of atmospheric CO2.  It's logarithmic, not linear.  The more it grows the less change in temp.
Current global temps are outside and lower than the 'Experts' standard error deviation. Driving warmies nuts.  Reality refuses to conform to chicken littles. 
The reason is that water vapor does NOT respond as modeled in the feedback loop.
As we used to say.. GiGo: Garbage in, Garbage out. Warmies have been claiming up to almost 4 deg. with water vapor feedbacks. When in reality it looks like 1.7 deg, maximum. 
This was postulated  in 1938 by Guy Callendar.  Who is a story in himself:

Global Warming Science And The Wars: Guy Callendar

When Roger Revelle, ALGore's climate mentor changed his tune later in life to the more reasonable sensitivity, and pointed out some positive effects of  more carbon and warming, Gore and his lackeys, drooling for more taxes and funding, called him senile and demented.

Summary:  All the MSM  is likely to report is that there's a heat wave somewhere. 
Well.. Climate is made up of weather.  It's colder some places, warmer a few others.
The global temp has been at a sustained high level since 1998 but it aint going up anymore and looks like it might be going down.  And for quite a few years to come.

But you wouldn't know any of this because the MSM is both stupid and invested in the narrative that allows energy to be taxed and controlled, because 'Progress - Save the Earth'  with your money.


{Hey.. pettyfog! You think you're smarter than Algoreacle? }
- depends.
If he really believes the BS he spouts, Hell yes!
If you're talking about ability to make money selling snake oil, I'm a freakin' moron.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sheldon is a Doofus and Hawking is his Daddy

Stephen Hawking: Big Bang Didn't Need God

Ya gotta read it..  but here's the money quotes:

Hawking discussed the idea of a repeating Big Bang. He noted that in the 1980s, he and physicist Roger Penrose proved the universe could not “bounce” when it contracted, as had been theorized.

Therefore, time began at the moment of singularity, and this has likely occurred only once, Hawking said. The age of the universe — now believed to be about 13.8 billion years — fits that model, as the number and maturity of observed galaxies seem to fit in the general scheme.


He closed by outlining "M-theory," which is based partly on ideas put forward years ago by another famed physicist, Caltech’s Richard Feynman. Hawking sees that theory as the only big idea that really explains what he has observed.
M-theory posits that multiple universes are created out of nothing, Hawking explained, with many possible histories and many possible states of existence.
In only a few of these states would life be possible, and in fewer still could something like humanity exist. Hawking mentioned that he felt fortunate to be living in this state of existence.

'Na-o-w, Ah'm jest a poor dumb hick but somethin' don't smell 'xackly right.

Assuming this is all provable by math, even if Sheldon Cooper has to turn every wall in his apartment building into a white-board, that math must have a starting point.. or KNOWN QUANTITY to begin with. OR an 'energy' as in something causing an event.

If the universe, however many dimensions, starts from nothing then that would be ZERO.  What sort of math operates starting with zero and ends up with a provable quantum?

Well, here's Hawking's explanation. Note the allegories and explanation of nothing.

Positive and Negatives perfectly balanced out.  Like +3 added to - 3. That, too, adds to zero but does not equate to nothing. both quantities are SOMETHING.

Or does the math proving M theory only exist in other dimensions?  How do you prove that?

Even assuming that classical physics only works in our dimensional universe, I still dont see how you get something from nothing.  The only way to do that would be for gravity and anti-gravity, and matter and anti-matter, to cancel out. But they are still something.   That leaves time. And time starts from an event, as Hawking says.  Suppose there was no time.  How do we know there was no other dimension equating to time?  Which influenced the start of time in our tangible dimensions? Creating the event starting time. Event suggest an energy applied. Energy is not nothing. E=MC2 and all that.

You cant make something from nothing without adding. And if you add, then you are adding something.  So you aren't starting with 'zero' after all. 

Unless this whole huge cosmos is only in God's mind. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ricin Letters mailer caught: Let the feeding frenzy begin

So, as the investigation of the Boston bombings continues, two letters which may or may not contain Ricin, a deadly poison. were sent to Senator Tom Wicker and Pres Obama.

And the FBI has the culprit in custody. Already.  And he's apparently a Gun Loving, Bible believing, Liberty loving, corruption hating, Elvis impersonating activist.

.. from Mississippi!   AND a paranoid nutjob.

And here's just how hard it was for a small time LadyBlogger to track him down, which turned out;  NOT VERY!

Paul Kevin Curtis Arrested for Ricin Letters

Follow that blog for all sorts of links to the evidence.

The bottom line, of course is the Libs and Lefties have more grist for their anti-gun, anti Tea Party hate.
Because FINALLY a guy who probably actually was at a Tea Party event sometime, somewhere.
Nutjobs roam free.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brushfires of the Insanities: Boston Trutherism Begins

In my earlier post, Patriot Day Juxtapositions, I recounted the efforts of various Lefty scribblers and public troughfeeders, such as Barney 'steaming pile' Frank, to politicize the carnage.
But quick as you can say 'Alex Jones' there's conspiracy theories aplenty.  We'll barely bother with  the possibly mental defective, Jones.
His site's version is so full of crap it should be obvious, from the beginning: "THERE WERE BOMB DOGS THERE, BEFORE... .  "

"The bomb at the Kennedy Library.."
- Uh, yes there were dogs -of course- and no it wasnt a bomb. 
‘Suspicious’ fire at Kennedy Library remains under investigation
It MAY have been set as a diversion, but it was in a mechanical room, in an isolated part of the building.  If it was related and intentional then why not go all out and pull away more response teams? 

The most pathetic and outrageous I've seen is an obscure lefty Aussie Film and Theatre critic.. you know those guys. His finger is REALLY on the pulse of reality..
"It's most likely the work of the NRA!!"  And if not them, then the notoriously vicious and radical Tea Party. Or the CIA. Or the Pentagon...
CERTAINLY it couldnt have anything to do with Al-Q.. it was too small and they didnt claim it.
- Never mind their magazine showed how to build this exact type of bomb.

Why the NRA? OBVIOUS.. the race was dedicated to Newtown victims.
And the guy doesnt just  post this once.. he has FOUR rants up on it, check his sidebar.

Read it for yourself, I'm pretty sure it's safe for your computer but I'm putting up an indirect link so there's no trail from my little rant blog to his whopping pile of horse shit.
Link through Google
Read the comments too... these people are INSANE!

H/T Tim Blair Blog 

Patriot Day Juxtapositions

There's lots of questions to be answered about the Boston bombings, including why and who..  smart not to jump to conclusions this early of course.  Though one thing that struck me is this is infrequent, but not for lack of bombers' intentions. A huge number of attempts have been foiled.

Obvious thing is it's a terrorist. No other possibility.
 No need not to pontificate though..

Politico: How long until we know?

I want to know the cause -- not because I'm eager to politicize the tragedy, but because I want to know where our national conversation is headed. A great deal of political, financial and emotional capital depends on the answer to that question.

'Not because you're eager to politicize..' yeah, r-i-i-g-ht!  And when you see where the 'national conversation is headed', THEN what?

Then there's the Massatooshits Pol who needs a handler following him with a baggie inside out on his hand:
 BARNEY FRANK: In this terrible situation, let's be very grateful we had a well-funded, functioning government. It is very fashionable in America, has been for some time, to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about their pensions, talk about what people think is their assessment of health care. Here we saw government in two ways perform very well. First of all, the city government in charge moved efficiently and rapidly and bravely.
Excuse me?  So this shows we need more taxes?!!!!
In the video's what I see is everyone acting instinctively.. Many civilians did what should be done.  When the cops reacted in a split second to protect a down runner, that wasnt government, that was human!
Note: The anchor, MSNBC !!!, asked  Frank if he wasn't politicizing.  Of course the despicable pile of excrement denied it.. it's how he thinks.

The Sequester and the horror..
Steny Hoyer suggests that the attacks provides the latest proof that Congress needs to repeal the sequester. Has he thought this one through?
Salon: Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American

There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves, Islamists are existential threats

 What bullshit!  McVey was not exactly a 'Lone Wolf'.  What he's really referring to is the Arizona and Colorado theater shootings.  Where, as you will recall, the immediate media reaction by the leftist press was to try to link the shooters to the Tea Party.  That's ON RECORD, not my 'opinion'
David Sirota.. a real 'Thinker'.
How many of the foiled terror attempts, since 9/11, were inspired by Al-Q sympathies?

What would he have to say about the Fort Hood shooter?  Is it true or not that the administration is treating him as a 'Lone Wolf?  When facts show he was induced by Islamic militant preaching?  He also didn't address the foiled attempts and who was behind them.. Sirota - idiot or Liar. Since he pretends to be a journo, tells me he's a liar.

Good thing there's no political angle, there.

On the other side. Peter King couldn't help himself, either:

Rep. Peter King: Bombings Signal ‘The New War With Al-Q

Well, it MAY.  As King says in the actual quotes. {Why I dont like NewsMax, they are as sensational as the lefties}

 But we don't know yet, do we. The Al-Q 'cookbooks' for kitchen bombs are widely available on the net.

And Limbaugh has come perilously close to being over the top;  by saying if it turns out to be AlQ"The left will go into spin mode to minimize the dangers." 

I agree with that, but there's plenty of time to make that point.. WHEN it happens. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kids, Parents, 'The Village' and Guns

This is one of those 'blanket' posts where I try to tie things together as I see them.  There's LOTS of consternation on the 'Obsession with Guns' going around in the Media.. as well as that of what it takes to raise a kid.

When I was a kid, I loved shooting guns, especially .22's but I never cared much for hunting. My first game kill at about age ten, was a sitting rabbit at about six feet. I blew half of the bunny's head off. My dad chided me for that; I thought 'what;s the big deal.. it's for the table and less shot to pick out'.
The last incident was of a family hunting party at Thanksgiving in my early teens.  We were 'sweeping' a cornfield, A rabbit jumped up and I led him around, fired, and the shot kicked up dirt about ten feet in front of my uncle.  I immediately, and without comment from anyone, took myself and my shotgun back to the house and never hunted in a group again.  Now... even though I was young, I thought about those incidents a lot. And I came to wonder why I joined in hunting when I didn't even like the taste of game, either Pheasant or Rabbit.
But I kept shooting.  Using both rifle and pistol to kill rats around the farm.  I loved to shoot and frankly spilling a Norway Rat's guts or brains all over never bothered me one bit.  Bear in mind the context, folks. If you were raised on a farm, and yet it would bother you to do or see that, there is something wrong with you.  Or your parents.
Now you have my mindset; hunting wasn't for me but I never begrudged others based on my preferences and distastes.  I also understood the propaganda value of 'Bambi' and how it was misused by the 'Urban, Informed Elite' LONG before the deer population became a nuisance.
Fast forward to trying to raise my own kids.  Never a gun in the house. Why would there be.. lived in a nice secure whitebread suburb, with no rats of any consequence to shoot.. only squirrels and possums and that's not allowed in the village limits. And if I needed a gun for some reason, Dad lived only a couple blocks away.
Looking back, I consider that a parenting failure on my part.  Leading, perhaps, to one of my kids getting shot by air rifle making a dumb video and a pellet embedded perilously close to his eye.  If I had done my duty as a father of boys, I would have instructed all of them on the responsibilities surrounding using and playing with guns.

But to this day, I still don't have a gun of my own. I see no need for it as long as my neighbors and friends have the right to own and carry.  And as long as it is confidential as to who  actually HAS a firearm in their possession at any time.  There is strength and protection in that.
I posed a rhetorical question to a 'Progressive' former friend of mine some time ago: "If you knew there was a man or group going around your neighborhood and robbing /killing, would you try to do them harm to stop them?"

He replied that he would not, implying "Turn the other cheek".

Note that I said 'former friend'. He is at the most a liar, and at least selfish in his negligence in duty to his community.  But then he's a Progressive and lies with impunity; probably not even realizing it.  And whoever is preaching in his church that he claims to attend every Sunday does not understand the Bible.
So let's look at this and decide who is absurd and who is 'correct':

 Note that Ventura was not prepared for the question regarding Western Europe or he COULD have pointed to the 'Lethal Weapon' Assault rate. Where there is not so large a difference.
I'm selfish, too. I don't care for doing my part to protect my friends and neighbors, so I still don't have a firearm handy.  But I will support the rights of others to do so and place my trust in them to manage them responsibly.. and without registering with the federal government.
Anti-Gun Conspiracy?  No!
There is no need for a 'conspiracy' when there is a well established narrative promoted by those who have never had to live in the 'Real World'.And you know what I'm talking about.
In the halls of academia, talking and verbalizing is the same as 'doing'.  And if the dialog becomes too contentious, then the majority of voices tries to still the lesser viewpoint.  Reason is based on 'the obvious' postulated by those who have been in the classroom all their lives.  Thus we have Freedom to Follow, instead of freedom of belief.

And of course, the least must be protected and managed by taking away the right of the majority, even if they have proven beyond doubt to be responsible.
It's time for us to give up on the 'reasoned' approach to dialog and start doing as Progressives do.. there are not TWO versions of the truth.  Twisted fact and narrative is an intentional lie, even if the speaker does not realize it.
Lies of the Progressive Hive-Mind: 
Young Gun Expert Pictured in Rolling Stone: ‘Inaccurate, Biased Article’
Note that the evocative opinion-twister didn't even bother to find and ask the subject.

the current storm over a mush head from MSNBC, parroting her academic based reasoning to advocate the community taking over the kids from the wrong-headed influence of their parents:

MSNBC Host Elaborates on Her Claim That Children Don't Belong to Their Parents

 Her points are well-taken, and they are prima-facie correct.  What she doesn;t seem to understand is that we have learned to see beyond the 'facts' and look at the extrapolation of it.  We already consign our kids to the public education system where their young skulls full of mush are subjected to the whims and whimsies of those with no experience in real life business, economic, or survival situations.   And where the 'safety net' is so broad that the young are raised to believe that their success depends on 'Big Brother' in Washington, rather than their own ambitions and initiatives. 

In that, we have all failed as a 'village'.
But I ask you to consider my opening story.  I was raised to be independent. When I saw that my hunting might put someone in danger, I made a decision. It wasn't made FOR me. When I elected not to be a gun-owner, it was my decision.  And, for the moment, it still is my decision.  
Are you going to tell me that I am smarter than most people?  
If so, pay attention to my other opinions!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Another Mass Attack by White Male gone berserk.. explained by a Beta male

Lone Star College stabbing: At least 14 wounded, suspect in custody

I'm gonna make some GIANT assumptions here:
Student was bullied verbally because he was fond of carrying around a stuffed animal. Because of that insensitive bullying he snapped, found a sharp object and struck back.
1. Arrest people for unkind/belittling/ personally offensive comments.
2. Arrest those who carry sharp objects
2 a {just because it's obvious} Arrest for Running with Scissors.

-- OR --

His parent(s) (I'm betting he was raised by a PC single mom) could have encouraged him not to take shit from people, even if it meant {gasp, shudder, OMG!!} last resort physical violence like popping someone in the mouth, even if he ended up getting his ass kicked.
Take it from me, I was skinny, wore glasses, got picked on some, and got my ass kicked several times. NEVER won it. 
And by my junior year in HS, I got along with just about everyone just fine, and never fantasizing about killing anyone, ... anymore.  :)

 Now.. IF you are wondering WHY these guys are seemingly ALL WHITE MALE... now you know. 
Parents raising pussies!
And if you dont like my language.. tough!

'Beta Male', you ask... yep.. cause I never wanted to be a 'Leader of Anything'. Rather just give my opinion on 'how to'.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twitterish Coffee Blogging the Feb 2 Today Show

IOW 'Info for the all of us!'

Lead story in the 8 am segment:
X-Gamer dies a week after a stunt fail he walked away from.
Today Show: "Are X-Games too dangerous?" 

Yeah, I think they are because I'm CONCERNED.., you know. I'm all for the Congress passing laws on how far a trick can go.
I'm sure all the rest of us who are 'CONCERNED' agree.
Kate Upton on her sexy ad for Mercedes: "What's the big deal, I'm not even washing the car."
- Yeah, we guys know what she means... still...
Beckham signs with Paris team, donates whole salary to charity. 
Good for him.. though at 75% tax rate, not too hard.  Big news missed: Beckhams move back to London. Not hard to figure that either. Maybe better schools, definitely better neighborhoods, without Hollywood celebs around.
 Like: Laurie David blasts Taylor Swift Diet Coke Deal. 
 Yeah Laurie.. you arent quite so obviously stupid and shallow as Larry is, but still.. you really think any intelligent person is going to take your word for it? Oh, wait...never mind. That's right. You'd rather a LAW was made.
Breaking: The National Anthem is hard to sing and Alicia Keyes might mangle it.
Answer: Quit trying to stretch it. Unless you're Whitney Houston.. and you're not. And, by the way,Beyonce was was correct in lipsyncing it in that weather. Anyone with half a smart should know that.
Now I have ANOTHER reason to never watch any NBC news channel.. not that Fox & Friends is better. Dont watch that either.
Thus ends my commentary/rant on state of morning news shows. 
 Sorry.. I dont have and refuse to use - Twitter.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fox News: Beavis hires Butthead

Employing the 'Hannity- Colmes'* effect in reverse, Fox hires Former Boy Mayor as Prime Time gadfly/punching bag/foil. Face it... it's not hard to look smarter than Dennis.
If what I say here offends anyone, I'm sorry. Read the whole article to understand what I'm talking about. Politics and Economics is more complicated than you'll see on any network. We're being dumbed down and I resent it.

Powerline: Is Fox Actually a Hedgehog?

"Kucinich is a clown, and he makes the O’Reilly Factor more of a clown show than it already is.
But maybe that’s the point; it is not for nothing that Rush Limbaugh, a serious man who nonetheless understands showmanship at the same time, refers to Bill O’Reilly as >Ted Baxter.<”

- Lol! Exactly! If you read O'Reilly's books, which are pretty damn good, you wonder if one or the other .. tv commentator, or author.. isnt just someone with the same name.
* Sean Hannity isnt really a shallow idiot, he just plays one on the air. Hannity hasn't been a serious show since Colmes left. And both their IQ's seemed to have plummeted on their own..

Monday, January 14, 2013

The War on Men And Boys Continues Apace..

 Cant believe it took this long for one of my blogs to see this.. I got the joke but what I took from it is based on what I suspect from experience:
- This is the kind of guy who buys a VW, now that SAAB is out of business. 
  But no adult, let alone a guy, throws THAT badly.
Here's the blog which finally noticed:
 Dr Helen: Can Dads do Anything Right?
Check the comments though. They are all over the place. Dumb Dads having been pervasive in TV for decades.
 But it aint just 'white males'.. the current Dumbest Dad on TV is Tyler Perry's 'Curtis Payne'.  IMO Too dumb to be a fireman let alone be Captain. 
Last time I brought that up some liberal white geezer called me a racist.
I told him to tell Perry if he could recognize him without a dress on.
Ooops.. now I'm un-PC on 2 counts.  

Lena Dunham is like 'a Liberal Sarah Palin'

No, Lena Dunham did not call Republicans Nazis, or “This Is Why We Lose.”

Just as Palin's views on just about everything met a landslide of stupid kneejerk reactions from the left, so is just about everything Dunham says, in the press.
The reason stems, of course, from the dumb pro-Obama video she made on 'Women's Issues.'

So instead of putting her in a box of people who dont think deeply enough along with Larry David, whose own pop culture / TV efforts actually make fun of his (and his friends')  intellect, we go all gonzo on someone new to the scene who is self-referential and realizes it.

Dunham, who is famously the daughter of a successful painter of “oversexualized pop art” and a well-known photographer who created “disquieting domestic tableaux” with dolls, repeatedly reiterated that her work is informed by a horrific childhood spent at expensive New York private schools and summer camps, where she struggled to maintain the integrity of her psyche amid the horrors of life as the kid of upper-middle-class urban artists. The whole thing is bizarre and self-fellating. But it’s also self-referential. The joke here isn’t that Donald Glover (who is adorable) is evil. But that Hannah, Dunham’s character, thinks he’s evil and has to handle the internal conflict.
 - read the whole thing!

Yeah... of course what was done was to put other libs' words in her mouth.  But that's about as fair as claiming Palin was the new David Duke.
Now.. I get the idea it's time we started punching back.  
And I'm gonna do it, too.  But think before you let loose that hay-maker roundhouse, or you bloody your own nose.
This reminds me of why I never watch or listen to Hannity. His simpleminded diatribes convince no one who wouldn't be better served by actually READING conservative and libertarian blogs.  Hannity's stuff is 'Conservativism for Kindergartners' and he hasnt made a cogent argument for our side since I can remember.  Probably before Alan Colmes left the show.

UPDATE -from 'the future' Cancel everything I just wrote, because while I thought Dunham must be using some independent reasoning faculties, it's become apparent she has taken the easy road. Becoming the thoughtless shallow minded  Lib everyone thought she was.