Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The 2007 US Congress.. what we can look for? More of the same!

Forget Pelosi's blathering on "Culture of Corruption" ... for House Majority Leader she's nominating John Murtha who has never passed up a piece of pork, and brags about it, or stopped looking for the big under-the-table payoff... so much so that he's under the constant eye of the fed's.
Looks like another issue where Progressives and Conservatives can be on the same page.
Ed Morrisey has more
Who, among the literally one or two readers here, thinks it's bad enough that Murtha will chair the Appropriations Committee?

But, - in some ways, even worse - Republicans in the House are installing the same old regime in Leadership positions... forgetting in record time WHY they were voted out of the Majority.
Not that Boehner, etc; are as corrupt as Murtha but conservative voters meant to send a message... they made it loud and clear... and the survivors seem to have learned nothing.

So the 'accomodations' between the Bush Administration who are NOT really looking to reduce government spending, and the 'old guard' who still think their constituents are just 'not well informed of Realpolitik will do nothing to satisfy the desires of the American People.

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