Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dark -but fitting - Thoughts on Armistice Day.

I don't want to soil the memories, all too little celebrated these days, of the heros of WW I, which heros should be honored without rancor to anyone..

But this is also a good time to reflect on the far-reaching effects of selfish national interests on the world we live in.

My point is that France should forever be banished from any influence in international politics.

It was the terms of the Armistice, which were largely dictated by France, that led to WW II; France was mostly interested in making sure that Germany was destroyed economically and humbled to the point of a third world nation.

Unfortunately the allies went along with this. And that selfish, over-punitive effort gave rise to Hitler's Nazi's.

Later... it was France's bumbling, 19th century, short-sighted defense program that allowed Germany to practically walk into France and hand power to the Vichy government, which didnt resist sending Jews to the east in cattle cars.

Then there is France in Algeria..
Then there is France in Indo-China: when they got humilated at Dienbienphu, militarily and strategically, they came to the US with their hat in hand and asked us to take over for them in Viet Nam.
After which, they got chummy with their former enemy Ho Chi Minh.. and their intelligentsia did everything possible to see us defeated.
- why was that?
Because France HATES to see anyone succeed where they have failed, and that says it all!

And recently, of course..their underhanded ass-buddy relationship with Saddam and the Oil for Blood deals Chirac and his cronies made with him, under the auspices of the equally corrupt UN.

And now when France is failing in 'uniting Europe' in their mold. And has not a clue of how to fix their ridiculous situation in which they are not only fostering Youth/Muslim riots by their parochial and biased social/employment programs, but ALSO building resentment and breeding neo-nazi 'strike-back' feelings. I find they (as a country... I will never disparage the courage of individual French, which has been proven time and again) are showing their true grit... NONE!

No... I'm sorry, but once again the thoughts on Armistice Day, leave me wondering just how many times the English speaking countries will have to, AGAIN, shed their soldiers' blood to bail these idiots out.

Yes, unfortunately, French IS still the language of world diplomacy:

Je me rends. Queest-ce que je peux te donner?

Google translation for: I surrender! What can I give you?

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CrewArsenal said...

I agree.

France is a cancer on Western Civilization.