Monday, November 27, 2006

An easy path to a BCS playoff?

As things are turning out, it looks like the BCS National Championship game will pit the two concensus top teams.. as long as USC doesnt stumble under the hooves of a Trojan Horse.

But there will still be whining and moaning, particularly from SEC teams fans.

Can we all agree that any of the top 5 teams might deserve the crown?

Can we all agree that any SEC team (for example purposes) that cant make the top five rankings DOESNT deserve a shot?

Good.. most of you get it. For the rest of you, maybe it's the SEC that should adjust.

Now, can we agree that the BCS ranking processes legitimize in-season games and preclude both scheduling of outright patsies and looking too far forward to bigger games? By that statement I refer to computer rankings which have some pretty sophisticated algorithms to rank based on strength of schedule down three or four levels.

So..IF we must have a playoff, then I suggest we do it as a modification of the current system.

Top 5 BCS qualify for the national championship.

#1 automatically in the NC game. This is NOT a free pass! It's a reward for being top of national rankings.

2 plays 5
3 plays 4
ALL at neutral sites at least 100 miles from home stadium; winners play a semi-final in New Years Bowl Games (alloted as current system does)

NC game a week later, as it is now.

If BCS takes the end-of-season #1 as automatic qualifier, that means you cant just schedule patsies and go to the playoffs. And means the season will be played to win each and every game.

Some are, strangely, moaning that too much is made of computer rankings but they will also complain that the 'big schools' get too many votes.
I humbly remind them of the two 'humans' voting WVU as #1 for several weeks running.
We all knew, at least I did, that was idiocy. And it has proven to be idiocy. But I dont think the computers ranked them #1, did they!

I have gotten over the 'Hate Notre Dame' syndrome specifically because of introduction of computer rankings. It wasnt that I just hated them... I hated them because, watching their games, I felt they were highly overrated.

The reason I came up with that playoff scenario is that it would require the least reorganization of the bowl system and guarantee a clearly able top 5 contender a real shot at the national championship.

I dont see how anyone could mind doing away with conference championship games but I dont think my system would necessitate that; it's up to the schools, as it should be.

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CrewArsenal said...

If there is a playoff, it should be 1v4, 2v3, then winner take all in the final.