Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush Lied, Bush Lied, Bush Lied, Bush Lied!!!!

Yet more 'Bash-bush' from the media, this time by releasing incomplete transcripts and video's on the Katrina response.. now that enough time has gone by, the left is even casting Michael Brown as the 'scapegoat'.
That they parse it down to the fine edge by using Bush's rather lame: "No one could have predicted the levees would be breached." statement shows how desperate the left is to gain some purchase and show themselves in a relatively good light.

And in the Lefty blogs, the shouting for "Impeach Bush" will continue from now till 2008... it doesnt matter what the issue is, "He lied! Impeach him!" will be shouted over and over.

But it wont happen.. not unless Bush does something incredibly more stupid than even the ports deal.

And we know why. Because any impeachment on any of the issues they have whined about to this day will backfire on them and open testimony, under oath, will show the Democrats and Left for what they are... and they will finally have cut their own throats.

If I HAVE to point it out for you, you wouldnt understand anyway.