Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's behind Obama's China tire dumping charges against Romney.

First, let me say I'm a car guy. I not only fix my own cars, I research what parts /mfrs are best in quality and reliability.
Chinese auto parts,  especially tires, are crap.  But they are cheap and low income people can keep their cars going much cheaper than in the past.

However.. Simpleton campaign charges piss me off. {Sorry but I am not going to mince words}. It makes me mad when politicians treat you like you are stupid. You aren't REALLY stupid, are you?
The most sensitive area of foreign policy is trade. The most idiotic response to trade imbalance is to slap tariffs on imports, willy-nilly.  And this is a perfect example of Obama doing the basically right thing, then making charges against Romney because Mitt advised caution.  Mitt remembers when Dubya tried to help out the US steel industry when Europe was dumping product and it didn't work.

China Trade Complaint Puts Auto Industry at Center of Dispute – and US Election Battle

Romney is a businessman. Obama is a community organizer and knows how to rouse the Rabble and diddly poop about international trade. His advisors on same are academic and you can bet your booty they are looking at union support first and economic health last.
Note: The writer says Bain Capital manages hedge funds. Not ALL they do.. they rescue companies in trouble and try to make them profitable. If that means production in China.. so be it.
The bottom line is that, if one of those companies go under, the products they make, if any, are probably going to be sourced to China anyway.  And when that happens, many or most of those who work at, or have retired from, those businesses are out of luck.  Of course we know that already dont we.. Don't we?  
Well that's what Obama says Mitt WANTS to do when Bain buys into a failing company on its last legs. Send jobs to China. Does that make sense or is someone treating you like an idiot?
I am assuming you all are going to read the link and find for yourself what China's response to the tire dump penalty was. Cuz I DONT think you are stupid enough to just go by what I said.
And another thing.. if we had real journalism anymore I wouldnt have had to write this. For that matter if academia did their job. Back in the day.. we learned this stuff in high school and first year of college.