Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Danger! Man made Warming causing seas to dry up; Tax Carbon Immediately!

Der Spiegel: Global Warming ... Causes Sea Level Drop…Through Weather Shifts!

Global sea level has dropped by more than half a centimetre over the last 12 months. That equals 5 metres of sea level drop over the next 1000 years – at least that’s what my computer simulation shows.

Now how on earth are the island states supposed to cope with all this expanding land? What a catastrophe! We have to immediately form a special commission charged with the task of managing the great transformation of these regions and setting down ecological guidelines. Professor Schellnhuber – it’s up to you!”
- from the notricks page.
Now, of course, that's absurd, and it's meant to be.  

But the point it makes is exactly on target.  When you want to find the truth you follow the money.  Frauds like the Goreacle of course bray about skeptics being in the thrall of Big Oil or whoever but of course NEVER name names or end up with categorical undeniable trails... everytime they've tried to link the Koch Bros, for example, they've hit a dead end so they just lie about it.

How about we follow THEIR money.. it's been right there all along..

Reasons to be a Global Warming Skeptic

Read the whole thing but here is the money quote:

 Now, it happens I did my PhD work on Federally funded modeling, from which I developed the NBSR Law (named after the group for which I worked):

All modeling efforts will inevitably converge on the result most likely to lead to further funding.