Friday, July 15, 2011

Murdoch Derangement Syndrome

The News of the World scandal seems to have infected the imaginations of every liberal in the English speaking world.. the jackals smell blood, Rupert Murdoch blood, and they're going to go in for the kill.

Or will they.

I remember the liberals' heady days after the election of 2006, Almost every lefty blog and many columnists speculated that now was the time to IMPEACH!
Impeach Bush, Impeach Cheney, Impeach Rumsfeld.

The grounds for that action was always a little nebulous, of course, though it usually had to do with lying about Saddam's WMDs. Some of us that had seen these things before knew that 'impeachment' wasn't about to happen.
Oh, how I wished it would.

But it's not in the nature of hyenas and jackals to actually physically attack prey that can defend itself and I knew the Dem's would never impeach. It would most certainly have a bad outcome for them. Among other inconvenient revelations, it would come out that Saddam actually promoted the idea of his WMD's long after he put them out of reach in order to protect himself from them being turned against him.

News of the World occupied a special place in British news. In many ways like the National Enquirer and the New York Daily News do here. As a soccer fan, though, I rarely took it seriously.. its coverage of the Premier League focused more on player personality and gossip than sport analysis and commentary. in other words, for a sports fan, NOTW was irrelevent. I assumed it was for other subjects, as well.. just a bottom feeding tabloid. But it was the most read paper in the UK. Albeit one that actually subsidized 'The Times', an altogether different sort of paper.

There is no doubt that certain folks are going to jail for invading the privacy of private citizens, and it will be justice. But those who are culpable were not idiots, then, and they aren't now.
Whether they thought Murdoch was winking when he responded to the prior hacking bad acts or they believed that their performance was more important than News Corp policy guidelines, it's a sure thing that Rupert has culpable deniability.

Murdoch's enemies, though, see a chance to deny him his media goals; in Uk, his taking over of BSkyB, a sports network. In the US, striking against the hated Fox News. It's not clear what forcing Murdoch to lose Fox would do, though. Certainly there would be no shortage of media companies eager to assume ownership, and little chance of its format changing as a result. If anything, new owners would take the network even further away from 'the moderate center'.. I use the lefty view in that phrase; moderate to them being MSNBC.

So just as during the hue and cry for Dubya's impeachment, I really WANT a full investigation and hearing of Murdoch. The absolute worst outcome would be that he did know something and prosecuting ol' Rupert; but the next step would be using the precedent to investigate the New York Times and their role in hacking and disclosure of information vital to our national security.

Whether the lefties are stupid enough to follow that path remains to be seen. My gut tells me they are.. they never seem to see further than 2 steps ahead.

My common sense tells me that lefties are not that stupid and this is all baying at the moon. Which is, after the feasting on dead and decaying carcasses, in the true nature of hyenas and jackals.


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