Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Another Mass Attack by White Male gone berserk.. explained by a Beta male

Lone Star College stabbing: At least 14 wounded, suspect in custody

I'm gonna make some GIANT assumptions here:
Student was bullied verbally because he was fond of carrying around a stuffed animal. Because of that insensitive bullying he snapped, found a sharp object and struck back.
1. Arrest people for unkind/belittling/ personally offensive comments.
2. Arrest those who carry sharp objects
2 a {just because it's obvious} Arrest for Running with Scissors.

-- OR --

His parent(s) (I'm betting he was raised by a PC single mom) could have encouraged him not to take shit from people, even if it meant {gasp, shudder, OMG!!} last resort physical violence like popping someone in the mouth, even if he ended up getting his ass kicked.
Take it from me, I was skinny, wore glasses, got picked on some, and got my ass kicked several times. NEVER won it. 
And by my junior year in HS, I got along with just about everyone just fine, and never fantasizing about killing anyone, ... anymore.  :)

 Now.. IF you are wondering WHY these guys are seemingly ALL WHITE MALE... now you know. 
Parents raising pussies!
And if you dont like my language.. tough!

'Beta Male', you ask... yep.. cause I never wanted to be a 'Leader of Anything'. Rather just give my opinion on 'how to'.