Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A new Little Ice Age?.. oh.. and a piece of Africa is breaking off.

It was just a few months ago that the Sun woke up and we began seeing sunspots again after a long delayed start of a new solar cycle, but already those who study these things for a living see signs that this feeble peak activity isnt going to amount to much and we may see the next cycle skipped altogether.
Stunning Press release:“All three of these lines of research to point to the familiar sunspot cycle shutting down for a while.”
What's interesting about this is that, unlike the global temperature records, there has been a constant charting of solar activity since about the middle of the LAST global cold spell. - That would be the one that ended farming in Greenland and killed the vineyards of Great Britain.. yes the one Michael Mann and the Warmists dont want you to think about. And there's a strong scientifically noted connection between solar activity and climate.

NASA JPL on New Insights on How Solar Minimums Affect Earth

As the warmists continue to raise the cacophony on the imminent catastrophic results of a trace gas increase.. meaning.. give us your money and quit using oil and coal to save us all.. especially the children. Within a short time we're likely to see a reversal of immense magnitude and scientists running out for grants on how to prevent people from freezing to death.
In other interesting REAL SCIENCE news {meaning: as opposed to rent-seeking 'Climate Science'}, a formerly extinct volcano in Somalia's Eritrean region has erupted just months after new papers affirmed older ones that the rift in that area is subsiding rapidly and part of NE African continent will be isolated soon by an extension of the Red Sea.
'Soon' meaning: next month... within our lifetimes.. or within a million years.

But the real news in this is the connections to tectonic shifts - meaning the near simultaneous Chilean activity- point to yet more eruptions elsewhere, and a definite Pinataubo or Summer of St Helens effect.

Yes... even MORE cooling in the short term.