Sunday, September 10, 2006

Columbus @ Austin [R]

Ended up pretty much a Buckeye fan's dream..

Actually that subject title is an attempt at humor... but I think it points something out... that Columbus sure doesnt need the NFL, and .. probably.. despite some pride in past Cowboys' performances.. Austin -and more than half of Texas- doesnt either.

And.. though it is STILL early (these things take decades), the Buckeyes have illustrated that their new age has dawned. And the reason is Jim Tressel.

Despite Ol Woody's best attempts the Buckeyes never really made their rep past "Big Ten Powerhouse" category... yeah they won the odd 'Big Game' but in showcase national games' they were as likely to disappoint as to shine.

The Tressel Era is changing that. As a head coach, he seems to have a knack for getting in staff that knows how to build a team out of the best available resources, then get them prepared for the BIG GAME... something that Earle Bruce and John Cooper, looking back and thinking "What would Woody do?" could not.

Exammple: Tressel letting Troy Smith cut loose and continue to press on passing, while in the lead.
Woody, and Bruce/Cooper following him, would have gone to 'ball possession.. the old 'three yards and coud of dust'.

Here's something Ironic for you... I never liked Woody all that much.

Now those of you who KNOW Woody's mentality and his rep as a military historian might find that odd.. as I'm a balls-to-the-wall conservative.

Well, it aint so odd...
Tressel inspires and encourages each player to his best, Woody damn well ORDERED it. And took it personally when his player didnt live up to his standards. Yeah, Woody would have thundered "You let down the team, son!" but he REALLY meant, "You let ME down!"
Tressel's guys understand him to mean exactly that they're playing for the team.
Note Smith's aftergame comments; note the team singing in front of the band and fans' section after the game.

The ideal occurs when each person sees the benefit in going that extra bit to ensure success in his endeavors, but only those which benefit the group he's working with.

Now, ironically, it's my view that Woody would have known how to handle Maurice Clarett... while Tressel probably came back to Columbus from Tempe in '02 knowing that Clarett was going to be BIG trouble.

The difference; sometimes you have to cut them loose.

Something most who've followed Terrel Owen's career understand... unfortunately unlike Owens, we dont seem to be able to get the schmuck out of Columbus.

But he's reflecting less and less on Tressel and more and more on the likes of racist thug-apologists such as Jim Brown.

And such is the mentality, patience, and skill, of Jim Tressel.

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crewarsenal said...


I think you have hit the nail right on the head.

Even last night at the Beat Texas Pool Party we attended there were many who expected "Tressel Ball" to jump out any second and begin the run run run punt offense.

I am happy he kept the pressure on the BigCows last night.