Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brushfires of the Insanities: Boston Trutherism Begins

In my earlier post, Patriot Day Juxtapositions, I recounted the efforts of various Lefty scribblers and public troughfeeders, such as Barney 'steaming pile' Frank, to politicize the carnage.
But quick as you can say 'Alex Jones' there's conspiracy theories aplenty.  We'll barely bother with  the possibly mental defective, Jones.
His site's version is so full of crap it should be obvious, from the beginning: "THERE WERE BOMB DOGS THERE, BEFORE... .  "

"The bomb at the Kennedy Library.."
- Uh, yes there were dogs -of course- and no it wasnt a bomb. 
‘Suspicious’ fire at Kennedy Library remains under investigation
It MAY have been set as a diversion, but it was in a mechanical room, in an isolated part of the building.  If it was related and intentional then why not go all out and pull away more response teams? 

The most pathetic and outrageous I've seen is an obscure lefty Aussie Film and Theatre critic.. you know those guys. His finger is REALLY on the pulse of reality..
"It's most likely the work of the NRA!!"  And if not them, then the notoriously vicious and radical Tea Party. Or the CIA. Or the Pentagon...
CERTAINLY it couldnt have anything to do with Al-Q.. it was too small and they didnt claim it.
- Never mind their magazine showed how to build this exact type of bomb.

Why the NRA? OBVIOUS.. the race was dedicated to Newtown victims.
And the guy doesnt just  post this once.. he has FOUR rants up on it, check his sidebar.

Read it for yourself, I'm pretty sure it's safe for your computer but I'm putting up an indirect link so there's no trail from my little rant blog to his whopping pile of horse shit.
Link through Google
Read the comments too... these people are INSANE!

H/T Tim Blair Blog 

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