Friday, April 19, 2013

Bombing: Demagogues Abound, leads to more finger pointing

First, as a frequent basher of NE attitudes and politics, I want to commend the reactions and attitudes of the locals, the police and government of Boston and Massachusetts.  As near to flawless as I could expect from anyone.
 Apparently guy #2 has been 'SWATTED' and perforated while hiding in a boat. Let the Truther dogs howl. 
UPDATE 2:  Or maybe not. Now 'in custody, medic's attending'. That is great, if he keeps breathing. 

Second, my heart goes out to innocent members of the bombers' family .. especially uncle Ruslan Tsurni.  He obviously knows more than he expressed in his press conference and that will come out later of course. But he is one of the victims, before the fact. There was apparently a deep division in that family AFTER they emigrated here. See below.

And here is as clear and concise a truth on the motives and aspirations of the bombers as you will get:

It doesn’t matter why they hate us, they just do

Now let's get to the apologists.
 Elspeth Reeve, former wife of Scott Beauchamp, infamous for just making shit up to make his anti-US point on soldiers in Iraq, shows once again that you can be intellectualized to idiocy.

The U.S. Anti-Muslim Crowd Is Quite Pleased with Itself

When your belief system projection is proven wrong, just double down, right? Read the whole thing.. while acknowledging fact, she does everything but blame US for incenting the 'losers'. 
But why not leave blaming US to the father {'They were framed!'}, and to the President of Chechnya:

Chechen President Says American Upbringing to Blame

 I'd like to point out that the suspicion of Islamic radicals is well founded, based on their own statements, and the idiot idea of white Right Wing domestic terror is less so, no matter how much cretins like Chris Matthews hope it so.  Despite McVey and the OKC bombing. Somehow even Waco has been distorted into 'White Terrorism', when in fact the atrocity there was trigger happy Feds passing up chance of nabbing Koresh while away from the commune to storm the place ending in Cult Suicide.   Which led to McVey.  Hard to argue the 'SWATTING' of the compound was not done primarily for effect, though, isn't it!  Now guess why some will say the brothers were set up.
No matter how much progressives try to torture logic and common sense, they are stuck with trying to reconcile the culture they largely made with blaming that culture for hatred by others. They try to do that by pointing to intervention in Islamic lands... which, under scrutiny, holds water like a bottomless bucket.

Reading their radical diatribes, the Islamists blame our culture, much more than any 'intervention'. Otherwise would they not celebrate our intervention in Kosovo to protect Muslims from Serbs?

On Cavuto, 'Former CIA operative': " these were professional, they must have had help". Cavuto was too kind.. tried to point out the directions were on the net. Our 'expert' didnt get it.  These were bright guys, not some simple minded chimps.
You can't rule out the 'command' facet, but it was not necessary; according to the analyses of the Al Queda training, early on after 9/11, AQ cells were trained to be able to act independently.
And when you compare this action to what has gone on in Russia for years, radicals bombing elementary schools, theatres, subways.. all with innocent victims.. this was certainly done in the 'Chechen Way'.
It really does not matter whether they were lone actors or not, does it?  The roots are the same.
 Blaming others for bad acts, and not taking responsibility.
The Klan was quenched when southern Christians both in the pulpit and outside, made it clear they were not having it anymore.
And in the spirit of my first link, telling the truth about the chance of eradicating these nightmares, here's another realistic insight:


 As I wrote the other day, IEDs coming to America is “the nightmare scenario.” What I meant was was this: anybody can make them, anybody can deploy them, anyone can be killed by them. And any serious attempt to uproot every single suspicious foreign-type person has its own serious problems. There’s the legal problem of constitutionality, and there’s the moral problem of casting too wide a net, and finally there’s the practical problem of radicalizing even more people to terror — people right here at home. We’d be cutting off our noses to cause things to escalate to the point where we’re flattening our own cities with heavy artillery.
There’s no good solution. We’ll have to remain vigilant, and we’ll have to set a fine example of bringing ruthless justice to the terrorists.
Well, that's something that will be proffered elsewhere and dismissed but I see it as the new reality.
Much as I don't like watching TV news, preferring the net where it's distilled and I can ignore it, events like this draw me back so I can get context, rather than just the most outrageous.
Everything is still unsettled, of course, and things will change. Including the direction of the motives and motivation.
What I see doesnt give me a good feeling about 'expert opinion'.

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