Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twitterish Coffee Blogging the Feb 2 Today Show

IOW 'Info for the all of us!'

Lead story in the 8 am segment:
X-Gamer dies a week after a stunt fail he walked away from.
Today Show: "Are X-Games too dangerous?" 

Yeah, I think they are because I'm CONCERNED.., you know. I'm all for the Congress passing laws on how far a trick can go.
I'm sure all the rest of us who are 'CONCERNED' agree.
Kate Upton on her sexy ad for Mercedes: "What's the big deal, I'm not even washing the car."
- Yeah, we guys know what she means... still...
Beckham signs with Paris team, donates whole salary to charity. 
Good for him.. though at 75% tax rate, not too hard.  Big news missed: Beckhams move back to London. Not hard to figure that either. Maybe better schools, definitely better neighborhoods, without Hollywood celebs around.
 Like: Laurie David blasts Taylor Swift Diet Coke Deal. 
 Yeah Laurie.. you arent quite so obviously stupid and shallow as Larry is, but still.. you really think any intelligent person is going to take your word for it? Oh, wait...never mind. That's right. You'd rather a LAW was made.
Breaking: The National Anthem is hard to sing and Alicia Keyes might mangle it.
Answer: Quit trying to stretch it. Unless you're Whitney Houston.. and you're not. And, by the way,Beyonce was was correct in lipsyncing it in that weather. Anyone with half a smart should know that.
Now I have ANOTHER reason to never watch any NBC news channel.. not that Fox & Friends is better. Dont watch that either.
Thus ends my commentary/rant on state of morning news shows. 
 Sorry.. I dont have and refuse to use - Twitter.

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