Friday, November 01, 2013

Megyn Kelly EXPOSED! How the Koch Brothers engineered the rise of the Queen of Hateful

Beside the fact she works for FoxNews, her background shows that she's nothing but a shill for THE MAN.
All you need to know the truth is a look at wikipedia and a minimum skill at Google searching

* Former HS Cheerleader, and Captain of ALL WHITE squad, no less. We know all about THEM, dont we!  Early training in 'Mean Girl' syndrome.

* At Bethlehem HS
- Bethlehem is a small city in Israeli hands.  The Kochs are jewish
- Also a steel city in PA. Kochs have holdings in steel 

* Played Field Hockey. Ever watch a game? Bloodthirsty B**ches! Wonder what their record was against black schools?

* Undergrad degree in Poli Sci  at Syracuse
- Obviously it didn't take. Did she actually study or just chew gum? Did AEI or Heritage fund Syracuse U or was it the Koch Brothers? The Kochs were beta theta pi at MIT, Syracuse has a beta chapter.  Kelly probably dated or at least knew a beta. ergo.... 
- no record of her ever dating a Syracuse basketball player. Racist? You decide.

* No record of her taking even one Journo Class.  Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer should investigate.

* Albany Law School. Albany!  Not Harvard or Yale.. Or even NYU. How the hell did she pass the NY bar? Did she represent herself as a minority - or - Koch's put in the fix, again?

* 9 years at Jones, Day. Nine! Assigned as outside counsel to Credit bureau Experian.. no doubt against the little guy. Nine years and never made partner at Jones Day. Obviously second rate mind.
- Jones Day now known for taking Detroit into bankruptcy.  For no good reason of course except Racism!  I smell Koch! 

* Had no kids from first marriage.  Cold B***ch.

* Then married a corporate CEO. (Trophy wife) Three kids (soccer mom) with him and no record of abortion or even one visit to planned parenthood.
- So that guy quits and becomes writer. Letting Kelly support the family. Guess we know who wears the pants in that house. Dominatrix and ball buster!
 - Wonder if Kochs get him published?

* She's blonde and attractive.  Obviously not a feminist or Progressive. Thus must be an idiot or worse.

Seems pretty clear to me. But hey, I just point out, you decide. Aint like I'm a reporter or anything.
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