Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Rolls the Dice with Palin

Gotta admit ... he's still the Maverick.

She has not much more executive experience than anyone else on these tickets. And the pundits are saying that it's a mistake because Biden, in face to face will tear her apart. That remains to be seen; what does McCain know that we don't? I bet she will surprise.

Her baggage is that she's conservative. But that's her strong point too. Ted Stevens and other corrupt GOP Rep are also baggage, but she ran for Gov and won on a 'throw the bums out' platform.

The scandal to uncover.. she's quarreling with the chief law enforcement officer in Alaska about his failure to fire his relative on the AHP. It may be uncovered as a personal vendetta as her sister was involved. Or not.

UPDATE: Time: Dems go after Palin

They'd better watch out... she's no Dan Quayle... or even Geraldine Ferraro. For some reason some Dems say Ferraro was a disaster. I dont recall it that way. I liked her then, I still like her and thought she was the strong suit of that ticket.

Additional points: Palin dismissed her security detail, sold the 'Governor's airplane'. Fought the Oil companies' pipeline plan. Fought the state GOP on several 'old boy' fronts.

But ThinkProgress triangulates on the Brother in Law situation.

So.... if her staff HADNT pushed to fire the guy... it would have also been seen as 'insider corruption', right?

Oh.... you think she will hesitate for one minute to throw Ted Stevens in front of the bus and back over him, herself?

Typical Lefties; grasp at any straw... let's hope they keep doing that.

And.. sigh.. she was FOR taxing 'windfall Oil Co profits'??!! So much for her being in 'Big Oil' pockets. {Sarah.. there's NO SUCH thing as a 'Corporate Tax'!!!!}

Talkleft's Big Tent Democrat is impressed and thinks Obama had better tread lightly

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