Friday, August 29, 2008

Whooaaaa! First REAL Palin 'scandal'?

On kos:
Palin's faked "pregnancy"? Covering for teen daughter?

Supposedly David Sirota reported it on the Thom Hartmann show. Trying to find some sort of transcript for that.

UPDATE: I just asked David Sirota, in his own diary, whether there was anything to this. He says he never mentioned this to Thom Hartman. Knew nothing about it! Whoa!

Apparently her teenage daughter was out of school, unseen, for months, because she "had mono".

I'm not quite sure what to think of this. Seeing as how she opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest maybe she's actually not a hypocrite.

Normally I'd say this is a totally private issue for them, but seeing as how she's quite willing to butt into the private lives of every other American woman, I think it's fair game.


Okay, 11 comments in and already some people are crying out to delete this. So I'm adding a poll:

Well, That's somewhat refreshing, coming from kos. But the PREMISE presented is a little troubling.
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UPDATE: On Palin's 'Troopergate' investigation as noted in the post below, FloppingAces has the skinny
- Between choices of "Something or Nothing", looks like Nothing.
Bottom line - Palin fired a guy she appointed. Where's the beef? Actually she didnt even fire him; she said he wasnt doing well in that role, wanted to move him to one he was expert in and he declined.

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