Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Penn & Teller: World Peace!

In which the "Bullshit!" artists cut away the drivel and drive a stake in the heart of partisanship.. in their own inimitable way!
Linking to the LGF three part embed from Youtube. Dont worry, there's no editorial comment there. It's here:

Got that, you morons?

No subsidies, no tariffs. No tax breaks to 'even things out'. No long lasting sanctions or embargoes... no matter WHO or WHY or how much money their expats piss into your campaign slush funds.
No Diplomatic Immunity for two bit chiselers from half-horse petty fiefdoms. They embezzle from the UN, they go to jail. They rape and pillage the people they're supposed to keep safe, they get turned over to the victims' families in the middle of the night.

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