Friday, August 29, 2008

What they're saying...

AP: Palin would be 'fragile' president
MADISON, Wis. - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would make a "pretty fragile" president, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton said Friday as politicians trotted out their talking points on Republican presidential hopeful John McCain's surprise vice presidential pick.

- Then WHY are most conservative bloggers ecstatic? I dont think these people understand exactly how Palin got where she is.

That Includes O'Reilly just now on his show... he thinks she's lightweight. He hasnt watched this clip of her on US Energy Policy, including criticizing Dubya for his plea to Saudi's to increase production:

But then O'Reilly notes this:
Under Breaking News banner on MSNBC: "How many houses does Palin add to the McCain ticket?" Seriously.. video

From OpenLeft

She's appealing and well spoken on TV but she said several times this year it was unlikely she'd be picked as VP... maybe because she knows she's not capable? But she's ambitious and competitive so what the hell why not.

How is she going to campaign full time with a baby? Is that any way to treat your child? Can she handle the VP duties and also raise a baby, a 7 year old, and a 13 year old?

My friends, please welcome the Mayor of Wasilla and her eskimo First Gentleman.

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A Kos Kid says Palin not only wants to outlaw abortion
, she belongs to a SECRET SOCIETY that wants to outlaw CONTRACEPTION!!!
- I expect he doesnt think anyone will actually READ the link he provides.
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Oh, hell... it's too much to keep up with, just check out this google search and wonder if they can spell it "Miss Ogeny"

On Craigslist
Sarah Palin swimsuit

got a be a pic out there somewhere. Will the religious hardliners vote for a woman that was in a swimsuit competition?

Their counterpart taliban wouldn't.

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