Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Helped Build That.. government just watched

NYT - The Secret Weapon: All of Us

In which a liberal digs the hole deeper... some people just NEVER get it!
Kristof have any idea how risky and hard it is to start a business? I do. I was in one at startup. I helped it succeed but if it didnt I could just walk away and look for another job.  And the owners had to see I got paid when they didnt.
I didn't even try to start my own business when I had the chance. I didnt have the guts because I saw how tough it was.
Roads highway yadadda-yadda! Gimme a break!  That's sixth grade argument.. 'Socialist? You dont dont like police fire teachers' logic.
SBA.. YES! So what. And not every small business success happens because of SBA.

Government Contracts.. WHAT?!!!! Think about that, again. I suppose bought from private vs government manufacturer/vendor?
Did that guarantee success? Who paid those taxes in the first place? How... From their inherited legacy?
The entire Obama text is available. Its tone stands. "All things good come from Government "

Yes, our taxes developed the Internet. For use by other government agencies.  

Private and corporate initiative expanded it out to you and me.

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North of 50 said...

I wish I knew who said it best, a comment I heard on the radio, most likely on Rush's show: if having a road was a guarantee of success, there would be no business failures.