Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why we despise Urban Intellectuals

The class warfare schism is no more evident anywhere than in Australia.

It runs the gamut from Illegal Immigration Boat People to Carbon Taxes to things as silly as as a moving van impeding a Bikeway fashioned from what previously was curb and sidewalk.

Tim Blair is one of the most interesting and humorous aussie scribes finding fun poking holes in these city leeches' hubris. Elizabeth Farrely is one of his favorite targets..  A holder of a PhD in Architecture which certifies her to critique all things mundane that despoil the cityscape, as it were..
Immediately on writing a thinly disguised treatise, for the Sydney Morning Herald, on banning motorized vehicles altogether, now the academic gentry  are biking through urbania... 

Bike haters parked in the Jurassic

...she spares no acerbic semantics in flogging a working stiff just trying to do his job.  Because to make his delivery he has to park somewhere, that being the bike lane.. and .. 
Horrors! She has to get off and walk her bike around his truck.
But it gives her fodder for her blog.

Not one but three

- you really must read it all. It's entertaining and informative.

After marveling at the coolness of the van driver.. who might just as well have told her how to fold and park her bike where the sun wont hit it...Immediately I conjure the location of her stylish walkup {wouldnt be on street level, of course}.. situated in a very upscale gentrified part of old Sydney. Right on the Bike Path, naturally.
 And picture how the removal vans got to her place.. or the deliveries of whatever stylish new accoutrements are made.
Might they not ALSO have to block the bikepaths?  Or is rear alley access a primary concern when selecting new nests for harpies?
Unasked and unanswered, as of yet, is:  Come the apocalyptic time and it IS coming, when everything breaks down, what does this woman have to offer in the way of reestablishing civilization?

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