Friday, August 31, 2012

Why I -and most Tea Partiers- Accept Mitt

Actually I wanted Mitt in 08.  Like most conservatives, I cannot trust John McCain.  And Mitt is, first and foremost, an excellent businessman/ CEO.  And that is certainly what we need.
Conservative griping about 'Romneycare' brushes over the facts.
MA was going to pass some healthcare legislation. Romney was Governor in a  capital where 80% of the elected were Democrat.  He had the choice of vetoing and being over-ridden, or guiding the inevitable program.

But people dont instantly 'Like' Mitt.

Learning to Like Mitt

Andrew Ferguson, reluctant Romneyite

 I never liked Mitt Romney. My distaste for him isn’t merely personal or political but also petty and superficial. There’s the breathless, Eddie Attaboy delivery, that half-smile of pitying condescension in debates or interviews when someone disagrees with him, the Ken doll mannerisms, his wanton use of the word “gosh”—the whole Romney package has been nails on a blackboard to me.

Well, there it is.   Not only that.. what you see is what you get.. he is almost too good to be true.

The Romneys present a picture of an American family that popular culture has been trying to undo since—well, since An American Family, the 1973 PBS documentary that exposed the typical household as a cauldron of resentment and infidelity. 

And now, here, 40 years later, it’s as though it all never happened: a happy American family, led by a baby boomer with no sense of irony! Romney is the sophisticate’s nightmare.
..that last is worth a few million votes right there.
And then, there's his personal and private sense of charity..
Obama usees 'Brothers Keeper' in a speech to raise taxes but wont give a dime to his own brother. But Mitt will help out a total stranger with thousands.
Well there must be a flaw somewhere.. oh, yeah!

He put his dog on the car roof.

But if ..
The Campaign Is A Battle For America’s Heartland.

Then it's about people who like all the above values, once they see they are real.
And know that dogs love their muzzles to be in the wind.


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