Friday, September 16, 2005

Sheehan Road Trip Report
She spoke at N.C. State's McKimmon Center about her push to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Dozens of people attended.

Sheehan bus pulled onto the N.C. State University campus in Raleigh for a rally earlier Thursday. Sheehan also attended a rally in Moore Square in downtown Raleigh. Sheehan's tour will take her to Fayetteville on Friday and Durham on Saturday.

- Raleigh ABC affiliate

Hmmm.. if they each chipped in 5 bucks, the tour would be self-supporting - for the fuel, anyway.

In Albany NY; Several hundred people gathered to watch the vigil and rally, which coincided with lunch for many of the state workers.
- Didnt say how many were just waiting for the bus.
Of course Cindy wasnt there, she was supposedly with a group helping out Katrina victims.. where she supposedly got a first hand look at the "fascist occupation forces" that Bush had sent in.

Brighter news for her tour.. in Madison WI, the protest drew 800. Of course, that's Madison.

John Hinderaker at PowerLine has Sheehan's merry little group nailed for what they are..

Was it Marx or Lenin that called them "Useful Idiots"?

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