Monday, September 19, 2005

Busting the costs of Katrina with Pork

Good idea at Truth laid Bear

However: note that there's some sloppiness in the lists. As well as no criteria for posting the pork; identification of posters and commenters is optional.

Not a good idea, IMO!
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Note that a goodly number of these pork rinds are put in to address either "Quality of Life" or public transportation issues.

Meaning... if they dont work now, there's some shortcomings in the 'business case'.. or dont we believe in those?

Packard Museum? Who CARES! If it's REALLY necessary to go back and muse over a well-built reliable car that couldnt compete with the best-selling models.. then levy a surcharge on Honda, Toyota et al. It's THEM that benefitted, long term, over Packard's demise.

Bay area Ferry boat industry. Is it viable? If the boat was GIVEN to a private concern to run, would it pay? No? then.....

National rail and local roadbed - Note that the Interstate highway program KILLED the rail industry. Either get the funds from trucking companies or nationalize roadbed and run it like the interstate. Technology NOW allows by-car fees for roadbed use. As well as automated car-switching for "just-in-time" mfrs. No excuse for a loaded freight car to take 4 days to move acroos the US.

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