Friday, September 16, 2005

The last thing anyone might need is yet another blogger... that's what you or any other sane person would say when you come across this.

Well, I've been doing it a while... just not on a conventional blogging site. I've been most active at and
Yeah, I'm a soccer junkie...everyone has a vice

If you sample those posts, I may look like the typical conservative cauc male. I suppose so... though my take on things is more in the realm of the opinion you might find on PowerLine or Michelle Malkin

In my sixty plus years of absorbing and analyzing the foolishness around me and sifting out the idiocy of politics and the media I've come to respect the need for common sense, all too often not conveyed in either the media or the halls of congress..

Here are my current pet peeves:

Media Playing to "the masses" - this is what we see almost uniformly on the news channels.. and it doesnt matter if it's CBS or FoxNews. Take all the BIG ratings guys, and you'll see it. Doesnt matter if it's Hannity or CBSMorning, you'll come away with that certain empty feeling that you've been 'spun'. Of course, Fox's Geraldo.. acts like 'Waldo'.. is the worst. And apologies to those named Waldo.
The BEST (or least) in the take offense dept are Shephard Smith and Joe Scarborough. Both these guys are ESSENTIALLY video bloggers. They say what they think and you can take it or leave it. Special category for O'Reilly who writes a great book but whose 'spin' is the supposed 'no-spin'. Somehow I doubt his on-air positions are ALWAYS TRULY part of his core.

- Subnote on irritants: Am I the only one who only listens to Hannity for his interviews? And who switches stations when he launches: "Who said this"?

Potomac Fever - Not a new concept. But the basis of why we have RINO's, and "Mr Smith goes to Washington"
Somehow I get the feeling that politico's have to LEAVE office before they admit they have it.. or are in danger of falling into it. John Kasich and Scarborough come to mind. Maybe even Newt...
I'm an Ohioan, so my current objects of contempt are both DeWine and Voinovich. Infects in direct proportion t to exposure to media and number of cocktail parties attended.

Foreign Policy oddities. Best example ANYONE should come up with is sanctions that last more than 5 years. Does ANY conservative REALLY doubt that, if the US had refused to apply inhibition to Cuban trade and had just let it go.. which means upsetting that Cuban ex-pat baseline.. that Castro would either have been kicked out or would have morphed into the model of the Chinese? Instead we continue to provide Fidel with the 'boogie-man' and a windmill to tilt against.
- It's SIMPLE, stupid! We either BELIEVE in the FREE Market or we dont!

More ideas!
Dems on Display - Is there anythingREALLY better than watching Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden makes asses of themselves on national TV?!!!!
Every time these guys go on C-Span on a hearing panel (like Roberts) they show the public what they're really about. It's all about them.
Downside: increases public distrust in, and contempt for, politicians of all stripes.. so then the voter FORGETS about Fred Thompson. And even Lamar Alexander. Or John Glenn before the aliens took over his body. Or Sonny Bono, who was about to become a REAL advocate before the leftist conspiracy stuck that tree in his path.

Even Worse; the Republicans having assumed the positive points of Liberal thought.. realizing they were ACTING like rascists even when they weren't.. have forced the Dems farther Left. Thus we have the talking points of Kennedy and Leahy previewed on Daily KOS and Dem Underground.
The more these Senate clowns spout the radical line, they higher the voter turnout against the Democrats.
This is REALLY dangerous: Once marginalized to the point of about ten percent, the 'enlightened left' will come to the conclusion that only 'urban terrorism' and revolution can "Save America".
You are ALREADY seeing this proposed

Laughable - The lefty rants about FEMA being run by 'Political Hacks'. Not the charges, which are TRUE, but the idea that if Dems were in power that it WOULDNT be run by 'political hacks'!
Hell, Dem's are ALL ABOUT political patronage. And you only have to look at Louisiana's history to see it.

More later.. as I compose my thoughts.

Oh, BTW... The handle I use is a sort of self-aware acknowledgement of my tendency to ramble and post 'Stream of Consciousness".. but I suppose you've figured that out by now.
For more Damning evidence simply type pettyfog into the google search box.

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