Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hit the Kochs where it hurts..Stop Biofuel Subsidies!

Western 'Green' energy policies still supported by many 'watermelons' as well as big brand oil, are contributing to starvation and environmental desecration in the Third World while fat cat friends of politicians get rich.

And the Koch Brothers have bought into it.

The Koch Brothers Are Right: Ethanol Subsidies Should Go

Only 10% of ethanol supply is sorta chump change, though.  I'd rather they bought up about 80% of distribution.  Then Progressives would have no choice but vote to de-subsidize.  Because Media Matters and Thinkprogress would be suitably outraged and force them to do it.

 Then we could start on  corrupt European Biofuel policies that  are as bad or even worse.  Especially the German BioDiesel program which is the most egregious perpetrator.

NYT: As Biofuel Demand Grows, So Do Guatemala’s Hunger Pangs

 I find it encouraging that lefty media is starting to see the writing on the wall.. and sky.. and floor.  

Also interesting that the US is the only major economy to actually reduce its carbon footprint.  Because:Fracking

If we stopped ethanol in fuel, it would drop even more.  There's FACTS to prove it. At the least we know the CO2 output per car would not increase.

And then we could start on 'Wind'. Where it's proven that the carbon footprint is even larger than primary Natural Gas Power generation. Because it is necessary to have steady power supply and 'fill-in' turbine generators are much less efficient than closed cycle generation where emissions are much more tightly controlled, by about a factor of 10. 

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