Thursday, September 06, 2012

Post Labor Day.. consider this.

In my Labor Day post I said:
There are no 'low jobs'

The king of that premise, Mike Rowe, has expanded on that on his site:
It's a must read... unless you actually think that the union bosses speak for the everyday working guy.  But it's not anti-union or management... it's about us appreciating the folks who do what needs done and using that as a leg up instead of sitting in some room listening to a lecture.
Every speech we hear, it's about 'raising productivity' through higher education. 'Send more kids to college'! 'Job Training'
To do WHAT?  Engineering and Sciences, sure.  Liberal Arts?  Gimme a break.
If you dont read the blogs I do, then you still know about all the grads that cant find work.
What you probably DONT know, when you ignore all but lefty sites, is that Academia is about to implode, throwing thousands of liberal arts and administration drones into the unemployed ranks. It will not happen overnight but it will happen.
Seth Godin
Mark Cuban
'Net Academia is about to take off big time and the smart Universities are getting ahead of the curve. Thing is though.. how many Poli-Sci majors do we need? I say we already have way too many but some think it's the perfect panacea.. let em work in the government.
And you know exactly what they'll do there. Make and enforce EPA / OSHA / HHS policy.

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