Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day..And Why we in NA Do Not Celebrate it May 1st

There are no 'low jobs'
I know, I've done just about all of the job categories, other than fast food, and I appreciate those people, too.

Saturday I dealt with a sewage backup in an Apt house. If it had been an easy case, I would have done it myself.
I called in a Professional and assisted him.
He was easy to get along with, proud of his skills and doing a job right. And I cleaned up the sewage mess so he didn't have to.

There are no LOW JOBS! Only low class people, and I've found those types to be distributed widely over education, ethnic and income strata. 
The job should never define the person.
Because in a free society there is no work that can't be used as a lever for self-betterment.  And that happens by making sure you do that job right and taking pride in your work.  When your peers chide you for working too hard, you're not in the wrong job, you've got the wrong friends.  I have experience in a couple unions where I learned that.
So who is it defines the person by their job.. take a guess. They celebrate on MayDay.

Wiki: International Worker's Day

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