Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Morning Sermon on Liars and Fools

Years ago I confined almost all my political musings to a sub-section on a Soccer Messageboard I moderated. Since I had grown into the habit - even before there were 'web-sites', of surfing the net in the classical sense of starting at point 'A' then following links to point B'" from there to 'C" and so on. I found most my argumental backup and posted links to same.
Imagine my frustration when those who debated points against me complained of my loading my postulations with LINKS! Especially when I took care to make sure they were links to media THEY would read and or approve of.. not some RW hack site. They complained ANYWAY about my loading my posts with links!
Bottom line: they didnt care, because they weren't about to have their cozy little life-views altered by anything approaching logic and facts. Well, we're all like that aren't we.
However, since I only write this stuff to try to exercise my mental powers in the fight against the ravages of senile dementia, I carry on. And frankly I don't give a crap whether the reader follows my links or not. As long as they don't rebut with non-fact and idiocies that the links refuted.

So let me recount how my surfing went this AM:

I started at Hot Air's headline roundup:  
Virginia AG tests politics from the pulpit

Summary: the VA AG tries to help define line on political advocacy by churches, but ends up just confusing matters more.
SOMEHOW, from there I got directly to the Houston Chronicle's Op-Ed criticism by a group of 'what we used to call 'Ecumenical'  religious leaders on Gov Perry's 'Day of Prayer' to be held at Reliant Stadium: 
Day of prayer violates separation of church and state
- First, I almost agree with the headline.  Elected leaders  have to be very careful when they 'proclaim' a faith event.
Perry comes dangerously close to pandering to faith. Like the unnecessary politically inspired insertion of 'under God' in the pledge when I was a kid. 
But the arguments made.. essentially rebut their own point.   These religious pastors are from the usual suspect 'social justice' denominations.  To wit: those that actually DO preach that Jesus was a social worker / community organizer and that God just might have been a construct of man's need for order in society.

 Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  If you worry that the practice of your religious faith might offend someone not of your faith you are, by definition of Jesus and St Paul, NOT A CHRISTIAN!
Note it is not me saying that, it is clearly stated many times in the New Testament. Find me where it says otherwise! Only thing you will find is 'Pray in Private'. THAT is valid. But so is 'Make a joyful Noise'

So that article pretty much absolves Gov Perry. It is not for me to judge his motives, that's between him and God.
And I have my own opinion of the chances for salvation for those who pervert gospel for their own viewpoints but the same applies. Do you really want me to tell you what I think of Social Justice Theology? Thought not. But it is NOT 'Christian' in the theological sense.
Moving on to the CONTEMPORARY 'Religion of Anti-Carbon', ie; worship of all things Gaia, there's Reason magazine's

Green Shoots Bustin' Out All Over: How Much More Awesome News Can One Economy Take?

There's a good roundup of the stupidity of the Green Economy. Notable is that the $5,500,000 stimulus grant to 'Cree Lighting' - who is btw the accepted technical leader in LED lighting - resulted in a grand total of THREE JOBS created.
Need I say more? Cree did not need that stimulus money to create jobs, they needed it to subsidize the PROMOTION of their products to attempt to get volume to a critical mass. Which may or may not work, because like in every other market venture you tend to get lazy and invest in political efforts if the Guvmint is feeding you. See GE.
LED lighting to save resources is a GREAT idea. But it will succeed on the market, not on government favor.. and cost us less in the long run if government just keeps their hands off!
But the cake-taker for GREEN IDIOT/LIAR OF THE WEEK is Forbes' Green Blogger
Todd Woody
Green Gulfstream: Flying To Paris On Biofuels

I've said before I was terrible in school math, but I became an Engineer anyway by being able to visualize mathematical constructs and looking up the appropriate formula. Woody is a guy who apparently can not figure OR visualize mathematically. Or he's a straight out liar!
As we retrace Charles Lindberg’s 1927 pioneering flight across the Atlantic to Paris, the 50-50 blend of biofuel and petroleum aviation fuel in the right engine is burning 68 percent less carbon than the fossil fuel in the left engine, according to Rekoske.

Get that? If you suppose that the biofuel component has ZERO carbon content, my brain tells me it could reduce carbon burning by no more than 50%. What does YOUR brain tell you?
Here's a hint about 'Woody's brain':
By the time the G4 lands at the Paris Air Show, it will have saved a net 5.5 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
Yes he really wrote that. And it's on 'Forbes' and I took a screen shot of that page.
Think hard, my few readers! All we have to do is make about 250 transatlantic fights in that Gulfstream using PURE bio-jet in both engines and the ENTIRE ANNUAL US Carbon emissions are wiped away!!! Praise Gaia.. she has absolved our sins!

I'm not even gonna comment on using farmland to grow fuel instead of food. Or the fact that diesel is used to grow it.
And DON'T say 'Bio-Diesel'. Unless you believe that perpetual motion machines are possible.

If you dont get that by now you are too stupid to ever get it. Which puts you into the 'FOOL' category. Meaning the IRS should double your taxes to pay for this crap, and leave the rest of us alone.

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