Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's the little things that bring joy

I just bought a new old car. My father's day gift to myself.
It is my third 1993 TBird in a row, #2 having given me 5 years and 150,000 miles of faithful service at a total cost to buy, repair and service of about $2000. That's right .. 2 grand TOTAL. And it always gave me fair warning when it was gonna quit. Now though #2 has 300,000 on her and she's old and tired and ready to be driven to the salvage yard.

So naturally when I saw her skin twin in a chance meeting at the auto parts store, I offered the owner $2500 on the spot. I nagged him till he sold her to me.

She's a little shabby-chic, but the guy had rebuilt the engine, replaced all the major suspension parts but rear shocks and all it needed was an A/C compressor and charge, power windows fixed and new tires.
All of which I took from good old TB#2.
Like all new 'adoptees' my new baby is testing me. The fuel pump started to howl 2 days after I got it. But that's fair warning, isn't it. I have it on order along with the shocks.
Did I mention it has absolutely NO RUST, not even underneath the doors or lip of the trunk. #2 had very little when I got it, but it had some. Now it's a rust bucket.
But for this one I'm going to wash the salt off. And not use her for a service truck.

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